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Topic: Ronnie O'Sullivan conceding to Stephen Hendry

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C Wakelin
(Billiard Club A)

Posted on Saturday, December 16, 2006

What do people think about Ronnie conceding to Stephen Hendry during the match?

What are your views on the consequences he should have for doing this?

chris wakelin +24
billiard club 'A'

Steve Evans

Posted on Monday, December 18, 2006

I think he should be barred from snooker tournaments for 1 year!!!

He needs to get his head sorted and stop letting his fans down, which he does all to often. He has never done a days work in his life, earns more in a year than the average bloke would earn in 10 years!!!

At the moment he is really a liability for tournament organisers who look at Ronnie as a potential money earner for them from ticket sales.

Snooker is bigger than Ronnie, if he doesn't want to conform like all the other professionals, then he should be banned - similar to Alex Higgins years ago.

Steve Evans
League Secretary

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