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In the Handicap Snooker League Division One, leaders Broadland C defeated Canary
Social 8-4 with Luke Priestley winning the first three frames of the match. Woodside
C remain in second place following victory over St. Philips A 8-4 and drawing with
Woodside Peelers 6-6. Despite losing 4-8 to Woodside C and drawing 6-6 with
Broadland A, St. Philips A move up to third spot level on points with St. Faiths who
beat Rileys 9-3. Steve Curtis and Greg Twiddy both won 3-0. Spireites drew against
NCC 6-6.
Ludham A lead the Second Division by 12 points after beating St. Philips C 8-4 with
Jaydon Spooner winning 3-0. Hethersett B move to second place by drawing with
Wroxham 6-6, while Bayer also drew 6-6 against Broadland B.
St. Philips A moved up to second place in the Billiards League behind St. Philips B
after drawing 2-2 with Gothic. Hethersett B won their first match of the season by
beating Broadland 3-1,
NSA Dragons lead the Open Snooker Division One by 24 points after beating
Woodside Wizards 8-1. Second place Broadland A defeated Spireites A 6-3. Three
frames each from James Roberts and Nick Spelman helped Woodside Warriors
triumph over Woodside Rockets 7-2.
NSA - A remain top of Division Two after a close fought match against Woodside
Whirlwinds. With the match level 4-4, Callum Davison won the final match 52-48
for victory over Woodside Whirlwinds 5-4. St. Philips B remain in second place level
on points with the leaders after defeating Attleborough 6-3. Spireites D won the
match against Broadland Bandits on the final frame to win 5-4. Paul Parke (Spireites)
and Keith Saunders (Bandits) had both won 3-0 earlier but Simon Carpenter took the
final 2 frames for the victory. Broadland C beat Gothic 8-1.
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The First Division of the Open Snooker League saw NSA Dragons extend their lead
at the top to 22 points over second place Broadland A after defeating Woodside
Warriors 5-4. James Roberts had given Warriors the lead with 3 frames until Luke
Pinches won 3-0 to level the score to 3-3, with the match then standing at 4-4 Jin
Foulger won the final frame for Dragons. Woodside Rockets with Chris Zanone
winning 3-0 beat Woodside Wizards 7-2.
In the Second Division leaders NSA - A defeated second place St. Philips B 5-4 and
have a 1 point lead. Keith Saunders won the final leg of the match 3-0 to give
Broadland Bandits victory over Broadland C 6-3. The final 3 frames for Mark
Standley helped Attleborough defeat Woodside Whirlwinds 6-3. Spireites beat
Gothic 7-2 with Paul Parke winning 3-0.
Broadland C reclaimed top spot in the Handicap Snooker Division One after a
resounding victory over Woodside Peelers 11-1. Broadland A move up to third spot
level on points after losing 2-10 against NCC and 5-7 against Spireites. NCC went up
to fourth spot. Three frames from Dennis Hales inspired Spireites to victory over St.
Faiths 9-3 and Canary Social beat Rileys 8-4.
Ludham A hold a 9 point lead at the top of Division Two after beating Wroxham 9-3
with St. Philips C moving into second place following a 8-4 victory over Hethersett B
who drop down to third spot. Broadland B drew 6-6 with NSA Rockets.
Hethersett A beat leaders St. Philips B 3-1 in the Billiards League to move up to third
spot. Second place Broadland drew 2-2 with St. Philips A.
Woodside C have gone top of Division One of the Handicap Snooker League after
drawing 6-6 with NCC. Broadland C dropped down to second place after losing to
St. Philips A 4-8. Woodside C and Broadland C are both on 66 points with St. Philips
A moving up to third spot with 63 points. Woodside Peelers are fourth after beating
Rileys 7-5 and Canary Social defeated St. Faiths 7-5.
Ludham A returned to the top of Division Two after victories against Bayer 7-5 and
Broadland B 8-4 giving them 75 points. Hethersett B beat St. Philips C 7-5 and Bayer
8-4 to move up to second place on 70 points. St. Philips C triumphed against Ludham
B 7-5 going into third spot on 67 points while NSA Rockets overcame Wroxham 7-5.
St. Philips B beat Gothic 4-0 to open up an 8 point lead at the top of the Billiards
League. Nathan Mann had 4 breaks consisting of 52, 51, 55 and 50. St. Philips A
defeated Hethersett A 3-1.
In the First Division of the Open Snooker League, second place Broadland A defeated
leaders NSA Dragons 5-4. Luke Pinches had won 3-0 to give Dragons a 4-2 lead until
Cary Kikis won the final 3 frames giving Broadland this victory. Spireites A beat
Woodside Wizards 8-1 with Gary Griffin and Paul Gifford having 3-0 wins.

At the end of the first half of the season, NSA Dragons lead the NDBSL Open
Snooker League Division One by 18 points, after beating Woodside Rockets 5-4 and
Woodside Warriors 9-0. George Pragnell won both his matches 3-0 plus a break of
100. Woodside Warriors went on to defeat Woodside Wizards 7-2 and second place
Broadland A 5-4 where Nick Spelman won 3-0 and achieved a break of 112. Due to a
shortage of available players, St. Philips A have had to withdraw from the League.
NSA - A defeated Attleborough 6-3 to lead the Second Division with 67 points. In
second place, level on points with NSA are St. Philips B who beat Gothic 6-3,
Broadland C 5-4 and Woodside Whirlwinds 6-3. Broadland Bandits maintain third
spot after beating Gothic 7-2 with Nigel Lester and Keith Saunders both winning 3-0,
giving them 60 points. Spireites D had 6-3 victories against Broadland C and
Woodside Whirlwinds.
Broadland C have risen to the top of the Handicap Snooker Division One following
victory against NCC 11-1 and losing to second place Woodside C 5-7. Woodside C
drew with Broadland A 6-6 and have 60 points, 2 points behind the leaders.
Broadland A in third spot on 59 points defeated Rileys 7-5. St. Faiths Centre drew
6-6 with Woodside Peelers, Rileys beat St. Philips A 8-4 and Canary Social
triumphed against Spireites 7-5.
In Division Two, Broadland B are new leaders after beating Wroxham 8-4 and losing
to Hethersett B 5-7. Ludham B defeated Ludham A 7-5, Hethersett B 9-3 and
Wroxham 8-4 to move away from the bottom of the league. St. Philips C have
triumphed twice against NSA Rockets 9-3 and 8-4 and drew against Bayer 6-6.
St. Philips B remain leaders of the Billiards League after drawing with Broadland 2-2
and have 24 points. Gothic move into second place on 20 points following a 4-0
victory over Pinebanks Exiles and drawing with St. Philips A 2-2. Hethersett A beat
Hethersett B 3-1 and drew 2-2 with Pinebanks Exiles.

Nick Spelman of Woodside Warriors had the highest break of the season so far with 139 plus 3 frames in Warrior’s victory against Spireites A 8-1. Jamie Gooch also won 3-0. NSA Dragons remain leaders of the First Division of the Open Snooker League after beating Woodside Wizards 9-0 with Warriors moving up to second place. Steve Waldron won the final 3 frames for Broadland A against Woodside Rockets to win

NSA - A remain top of Division Two after defeating Broadland Bandits 5-4 with Matthew Lyon winning the final frame in his 2-1 victory. Attleborough moved up to third spot by beating Broadland C 5-4.

In Billiards, leaders St. Philips B beat second place Broadland 3-1 with Matthew Lyon (Broadland) having a 70 break. St. Philips B also drew with their ‘A’ side 2-2 and Hethersett A drew with Gothic 2-2.

St. Philips A are new leaders of the First Division of the Handicap Snooker League after drawing with Canary Social 6-6. Three frames from Sean Curtis helped push
St. Faiths Centre into second place with a 7-5 victory against NCC and Spireites defeated Woodside Peelers 7-5.

NSA - A lead the Second Division of the Open Snooker League after beating Gothic 7-2 and have 43 points. St. Philips B remain in second place after securing a 5-4 victory over Broadland Bandits and are only 2 points behind the leaders. Attleborough defeated Spireites D 6-3 after Simon Carpenter had given Spireites a 3-0 lead then Steve Large and Mark Standley both won 3-0 giving Attleborough the victory. Luke Priestly secured the final 3 frames to give Broadland C a 7-2 win over Woodside Whirlwinds.

NSA Dragons had two 6-3 victories against Broadland A and Woodside Rockets to lead the First Division Open on 45 points from 7 matches. Spireites A beat Woodside Wizards 8-1 to move up to second place on 33 points from 6 matches.

Broadland C remain top of Division One of the Handicap Snooker League by beating Rileys 7-5 to have 35 points and in second place, also on 35 points are St. Philips A who beat Spireites 10-2. Robert Curtis with 3 frames helped St. Faiths Centre achieve their first win this season against Woodside C 9-3. Broadland A defeated Canary Social 7-5 to move up to third spot.

Ludham A remain top of the Second Division after beating St. Philips C 10-2 with Finley Brown and Richard Floate winning all 6 frames away at St. Philips. Broadland B move into second place following their victory over Bayer 7-5 and NSA Rockets drew with Ludham B 6-6.

St. Philips B remain top of the Billiards League with a 3-1 triumph against Pinebanks Exiles and Broadland move up to second place following their victory against Hethersett B 3-1. Break makers were Nathan Mann of St. Philips B with 74, 61, 50 and Matthew Lyon of Broadland with 51.
NSA Dragons are leaders of the NDBSL Open Snooker League Division One after beating St. Philips A 7-2 where Jin Foulger and Luke Pinches both won 3-0 with Jin having a break of 57. Woodside Warriors drop to second place, losing to Broadland A 5-4. Nick Spelman (Warriors) took maximum frames plus a break of 96 and Steve Waldron replied for Broadland A with 3 frames, alongside Cary Kikis winning 2-1 which secured the victory.

Three teams on 36 points in Division Two with NSA - A top after beating Woodside Whirlwinds 8-1. Second place St. Philips B defeated Attleborough 5-4 with Steve Knowles winning 3-0 and Spireites D move into third spot with victory over Broadland Bandits 7-2 and losing to Woodside Whirlwinds 5-4 with Darren Butler winning 3-0.

St. Philips B remain top of the Billiards League after defeating Hethersett A 3-1 with Nathan Mann having breaks of 115, 54 and 60 out. Gothic move up to second place, beating Hethersett B 3-1 and Broadland also won 3-1 against St. Philips A.

New leaders at the top of the Handicap Snooker League Division One are Broadland C who triumphed against St. Faiths 7-5 and drew with St. Philips A 6-6. Woodside C are level on points of 28 with Broadland C after defeating Canary Social 7-5. Three frames from Mal Myers helped St. Philips A beat third spot NCC 7-5. Broadland A drew 6-6 with Woodside Peelers and Spireites won their first match this season against Rileys 7-5.

In the Second Division Ludham A have taken top spot after beating second place Wroxham 11-1 and losing to NSA Rockets 9-3. Wroxham recorded victories over Ludham B 10-2 and NSA Rockets 7-5 to move up to second place. Broadland B were beaten 7-5 by St. Philips C and NSA Rockets while Ludham B drew with Bayer 6-6.


Snooker and Billiards by Peter Everson

NSA Dragons defeated Spireites A 7-2 to lead the First Division of the NDBSL Open Snooker League. Jin Foulger won 3-0 and had a break of 40. Woodside Warriors, with 3 frames from Nick Spelman, beat Woodside Wizards 6-3.

Three frames from Allen Cheetham keeps St. Philips B in top spot in Division Two after beating Woodside Whirlwinds 7-2. Broadland Bandits defeated Gothic 6-3 to remain undefeated in second place. Broadland C triumphed 5-4 against Spireites D and NSA - A beat Attleborough.

In the Handicap Snooker Division One, NCC moved up to second place after beating leaders Broadland A 7-5. Woodside C defeated St. Philips A 7-5 with Levi Smith winning 3-0 and Andy Hubbard had a break of 40 for a plus handicap player. Broadland C overcame Woodside Peelers 7-5 with Fraser Dobson (Broadland C) and Paul Cushion (Peelers) both winning 3-0. St. Faiths drew with Spireites 6-6.

The Second Division saw Broadland B beat leaders Hethersett B 8-4 and draw with Wroxham 6-6. Les Weinert secured 3 frames in the 8-4 victory while Kenny Feek (Broadland) and Graham Dance (Wroxham) both won 3-0 in their drawn match. Three frames from Finley Brown helped Ludham A triumph over Bayer 8-4 to go into second place.

Hethersett A defeated Hethersett B 3-1 to go top of the Billiards League and Pinebanks Exiles won their first match this season beating St. Philips A 3-1.

The tournament draws have now been uploaded to the documents section of the Open and Handicap leagues.
The NDBSL Open Snooker League Division One started in early September and to this point in time champions Woodside Rockets lead the table with 20 points after 3 victories with Sam Betts enjoying a break of 97 in his first match. NSA Dragons won 2 and lost 1 match giving them 19 points in second place. In third place are Broadland with 17 points after winning 1 match and losing 3. Woodside Warriors have won 2 matches, lost 1 and have 16 points.

In the Second Division, early leaders are St. Philips B with 23 points after winning 3 matches and losing 1. Broadland Bandits have had 3 straight victories putting them in second place with 18 points. Attleborough and Gothic have 14 points apiece.

After two weeks of Billiards, champions St. Philips B lead the table with 6 points after beating Hethersett B and St. Philips A 3-1. Broadland and Gothic have 5 points each after both securing a victory and a draw whilst Hethersett A have 4 points after two draws.

The first week of the Handicap Snooker Division One saw Broadland A defeat Spireites 9-3 and Rileys beat Woodside Peelers 8-4. Canary Social drew 6-6 with St. Faiths as did NCC against Woodside C. Andy Hubbard had a high break of 40 for a plus player.

Hethersett B lead the Second Division with 12 points after winning 7-5 against Ludham B and losing 5-7 against NSA Rockets. Wroxham triumphed 8-4 against Bayer and Ludham A defeated Ludham B 7-5. David Church of NSA Rockets had breaks of 54, 40 and 32 in his first match