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There seems to have been an issue with New Players, some of the markers in the background, which make them go up or down 3 each week, had disappeared. I’ve now added them again but can Captains please check handicaps are showing correctly before this weeks matches - 17/9/19

Team Knockout 1st Round fixtures are now available on the ‘Cups’ link - 2/9/19

Captains - The dates for the Singles & Doubles is now on the website, on the 'Documents' link on the Tuesday page. Can you please canvass your players & send me a list of singles & doubles entrants, along with their mobile numbers ASAP. If players cannot make the QF or Finals Nights, they should not enter! - 1/9/19

Captains/Delegates - I have added draft League & Comp Rules to the 'Documents' link on the website, following the Rule changes from the AGM. Can Delegates please check they are a true reflection of the AGM & can Captains please familiarise yourself with the changes. For ease of reference additions are in blue and deletions have been struck through - 30/8/19

Captains/Delegates - I have added a Captains Contact List to the 'Documents' link. Please can you inform me of any additions/changes ASAP so I can update it - 28/8/19