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Next Committee Meeting is Friday 2nd February 2018 at 7.30pm. Final re-handicap meetings for Divisions 1 & 2 is Monday 12th February at 7.30pm. One representative per team is welcome to attend.

First of all Happy new year to all our league members

I have now added a lot of the fixtures for the next round of competitions, please check any dates you are playing to make sure I haven't duplicated any dates and if so please kindly let me know, also please check any handicaps to make sure you are playing of the correct amount. If your names/s are not showing they will be added soon, when dates become available.

Please Note the next committee meeting in January has been put back by a week to Friday 12th January 2018, 7.30pm, the 1st half levies maybe paid at this new date or earlier Please contact our Treasurer Phil Pilkington with any queries about the levies due 1st Div 102 & 2nd Div 90. Failure to be paid on time is a 4 point penalty deduction for the teams concerned as Rule 36.

Next Committee Meeting is this FRIDAY 12th January 2018 at 7.30pm.

Div 1 Handicaps have now been revised please play off your teams new handicap from Tuesday 21st November.

Some fixtures have now been added for the other competitions, also some handicaps have been updated so please check your handicap before you play to ensure you are playing of the correct amount. Games can be played earlier than the scheduled date if players agree, but please inform the competition secretary LANCE HOLT 07828 900224 of any change and results.

Congratulations to our former Wallasey Champion Brian Robertson who has had a fantastic 147 break in the Prescot League this week, well played Brian.

The Merseyside County B team for which 6 Wallasey league players play for had a successful trip to Derby to play Norfolk B. We prevailed 41/23 .
Norfolk B with some talented players put frames together but the lads were all playing well . Chris Hesketh with 7/1 and a high break of 83.
Well done to all the lads
Chris Hesketh 7/1
Ricky Murphy 6/2
Adam Brown 6/2
Paul Deaville 5/3
Levi Griffiths 3/5
Cory Harvey 6/2
Paul MCulloch 3/5
Steve Hagen 6/2
Next is Somerset away.

Division 2 Handicaps have now been adjusted on the website please make sure you play of the new handicap from Thursday 16th November.

Lance 07828 900224 has now entered some competition fixtures on the website, PLEASE RE-CHECK your fixtures as he has had to adjust some details of certain matches he had put on earlier.

First Century break of the 2017-18 Season a fine 107 For Clayton Humphries of Century at the Century club well played Clayton, I couldn't resist the Century bit!

Any postponed matches have to be played BEFORE the Re-Handicap meetings dates below or Rule 34 will now apply, the team that postponed the match will be deducted 2 points.
Team Handicaps will be adjusted on Monday 13th November 2017 for Div 2 and Monday 20th November 2017 for Div 1 both meetings are at 7.30pm. The final handicap meetings for both Divisions 1 & 2 is on Monday 12th February 2018 at 7.30pm. As usual a representative from each team is encouraged to attend the meetings.

Next Committee Meeting on FRIDAY 3rd November 2017 at 7.30pm.

Merseyside Snooker Team information

A great start to the National County Championships in Derby today . Great players including six Wallasey league players.

Merseyside B. 47
Derbyshire B. 17

A great thanks to all the lads who played today , they were great against a spirited Derbyshire side .

Adam Brown 5/2 40 42 47 45 51
Matty Jackson 7/1 56 47 47
Brian Robertson 8/0 34 37 38 41 42 43 63 64
Chris Hesketh 5/3 65 83
Chris Connelly 6/2 45 42
Paul Mcculloch capt 5/3 40 45 43 38
STeve Hagen 5/3 53 56 59
Paul Deaville 6//2 40 38 36 33

Well done to Ricky for his support today

Breaks Above .
Next stop Norfolk B


Merseyside County B side .
Adam Brown
Matty Jackson
Brian Robertson
Chris Hesketh
Chris Connelly
Ste Hagen
Paul Deville
Paul Mcculloch capt
Phil Whitehead
Ricky Murphy

The Merseyside County B to face Derbyshire in Derby on the 29th Oct .

Four home grown players from Wallasey (6 in squad ) and 2 That also play Wallasey league from elsewhere .

This competition is nationwide and we were a pink away from winning it last time out . With a few additions to the side this year we're hoping to do even better . Pmc



Clayton Humphries prevailed today in a high quality match 4:0 against Ian Brumby .
The score could have easily been 4:0 to ian , but for a few twists and turns .
Ian 58 in the first frame only for Clayton to dish up with 61 . In each of the next 3 frames there were patches of bad run for both players . Clayton has potted brilliantly to clinch the trophy . Ian almost went the distance for the second year running and as always was gracious in defeat . Well done to him .

Well done to the four today that played as they are among a bunch of great talent presently on Merseyside .

Clayton, today and in this tournament being the best of all of them . A great talent with lots more to do in northwest snooker . Congratulations .

From Week 7 Handicaps have changed as follows Div 1 Century now 100 and Potshots now 450

Lance Holt Competition Secretary 07828 900224 or email compbuilds@hotmail.com.

Division 1 Wallasey Snooker Centre handicap is now 290 from week 4 as they lost 10 points for a late registration 25/09/17.

Division 1 Wrbl handicap is now 450 from week 4 as they lost 10 points for a late registration 25/09/17.

If you wish to receive an email when the league has been updated with the latest results or other information. Click on the subscribe link and just enter your email address it will not be used for anything other than Wallasey Snooker League information.

Division 1 Great Float handicap is now 750 from week 3 as they lost 10 points for a late registration 13/09/17.

Division 2 Old Manor handicap is now 140 from week 2 as they lost 20 points for late registrations, also deducted 2 points for playing an unregistered player as rule 28. 8/9/17

Division 1 Liscard Cons handicap is now 740 from week 2 as they lost 10 points for a late registration 7/09/17.

Update: Ian's funeral service is Monday 18th September 2017 at 11.30am at Landican.

Some sad news that Ian Cook has passed away at much too young an age. Ian has played in the Wallasey league over many years and was a finalist in the Wallasey Championship. RIP. In memory of Ian the chosen charity at the Snooker Exhibition below have chosen the North West Air Ambulance charity as he donated to them in the past.
The event details are

Shaun Murphy Exhibition
13th October 2017
Poulton Vics Club
Tickets 20

Contact phil burton on 07703389634 for details

Division 1 Sacred Hearts handicap is now 780 as they lost 10 points for a late registration.

Lance has issued Wallasey competition entry forms to all club secretaries, they must be returned together with all entry fees (Payment on the night or no entry) at the next Committee Meeting on FRIDAY 13th OCTOBER 2017 at 7.30pm. (Please note this meeting a week later than normal).

Information about the 2017 Wirral Open Snooker Comp entries and extended closing date see the pdf on the Documents page.

Information for Division 1 teams when playing at the CENTURY CLUB
To any captain whose team plays an away game at the Century Club. If you ring me the week before I will endeavour to get the drinks you want . You will be given the drinks as a gift and expected to put a donation to the club in the box when you've had your drink and played snooker. Failing that you can have pop or go the pub as you can't bring your own in. Pmc 0788 598 4790

Welcome to the WSA 2017-18 Season to our new Officers of the Committee, Chairman Terry Taylor and our Competition Secretary Lance Holt who takes over from retiring John Leece.

Division One & Two Fixtures for the new season are now on the website.

Please check your team's registered players and any new players you wish to sign on, email or text me their details as soon as possible, players maybe signed on until the Handicap Meeting which is FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2017 @ 7pm, any team player may attend the Handicap meeting to have your input with regards to handicaps. Fixture Books and result cards will be given out at this meeting, with the main COMMITTEE MEETING following at 8pm. Thanks Brian

In Division 1 you may notice that there are TWO matches involving Sacred Heart v Wrbl 4th September and v Potshots 23rd October listed as the Monday instead of Tuesday this is because of a clash with the Deeside fixtures, we have managed to avoid further clashes.

If there is a problem with the Sacred Heart club allowing play on the Monday or possibly the Thursday at Sacred Heart then the fixture would have to be played at Wrbl and Potshots with the Sacred Heart as the HOME team.