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1. The Bernard Pope Shield shall be open to all teams in the 1st
& 2nd divisions. To be played as a handicap competition.
Teams handicapped after every round.
2. Players must be nominated before the first round.
3. The final to be played at Bretherton Parish Institute.
4. In the event of any club not having a player available at the
specified time of starting, or at any time during the match when
required, the club at fault shall forfeit the game and 100 points.
5. Each captain must write his players down in order he wishes
them to play 1 to 6 not showing his opposing captain.
Then both captains put there order of play on the score card
without altering the order, the No1 will play No1 and No2
play No2 etc.
6. The match is then decided by aggregate score only, frames
are not counted, if the aggregate score is level after all 6
frames the black ball is re-spotted on the final frame to
7. League rule 11 will be observed in all rounds, which will be
played on first drawn team at home, up to the final.

Just a quick reminder to all players in The RH Cup Pairs Handicap, players are allowed to discuss shot selection when away from the table. But as soon as a player approaches the table, there must not be anymore advise given.
Also in the pairs A.Cope & J.Dandy will be away against the winners between M.Langer & L.Maynard v D.Roberts & K.Prescott.
P.Jackson & P.Parkinson will be away against the winners of M.Tugman & W.Case v P.Keep & P.Burns.