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For all 1st round winners in the Jimmy Ramsay super 16s the 2nd round draw will be made on tuesday 17th september at 6.25pm at wallsend buffs with all 8 games played in the order drawn immediately following the draw

The first round of the Jimmy Ramsay super 16s concludes at wallsend buffs tomorrow night(10th September) with the final 8 matches. Can I remind all players we use a roll on/roll off format and apart from the game starting at 6.30pm all times are approximate and may start earlier than scheduled so players should arrive early as we will not wait for a player to arrive. As always if any spaces become available on the night I will edit the draw to say SPACE AVAILABLE and that place will be drawn out from those in attendance.

AGM: Tuesday 27th August 2019 at Westholme
Teams not present: Innisfree, Jubilee, Dunston, Whitley Snooker B
Terry Douglas(Chairman), Allan Adams(Treasurer), John Craig(Secretary) and Billy Armstrong jnr(nominated member) were re-elected to their posts on the committee. Ash Wilson was elected as a second nominated member.
New teams: Newcastle United Golf Club A and Newcastle United Golf Club B(tbc)
Teams lost: Engineers A and Labour A
We have 22 confirmed teams for the season giving 2 leagues of 11 teams playing each other home and away.
Division 1 would comprise of;
Gosforth A
Whitley Snooker Centre A
Labour B (now called Labour)
Buffs A
King St
Whitley Bay Comrades
Newcastle Snooker Centre
Division 2 would comprise of;
Buffs B
Forest Hall
Gosforth B
Dunston Excelsior
Engineers B (now called Engineers)
Whitley Snooker Centre B
Newcastle United Golf Club A
If Newcastle United Golf Club B confirm there entry to the league, they would join Division 2 and Buffs B would move to Division 1 giving a league of 12 and a league of 11.
All league fees and fines have been kept as they were last season.
Peter Heron Memorial Trophy will continue in its current format
The knockout cup will have a format change with Division 1 teams having their own tournament and Division 2 also having their own tournament.
Rule amendments:
1. You no longer have to be a member of the club to be allowed to play for a team in the league.
2. Regarding players being barred from clubs, all affected team games will go ahead as stated on the fixtures however any affected singles, doubles or veterans games will take place at a neutral venue of the home players choice, provided that the nominated venue is willing to host the match.
3. Any team who change their venue between seasons will no longer be classed as a new team and made to start again in the bottom division, now they will be able to stay in the division they completed the previous season. This will also apply to any team who need to change venue during the season
4. Dress code for semi-finals and finals has been altered so that you can no longer wear dark jeans or smart trainers for these occasions. Dress code will now be trousers, collared shirt(dress/polo) and shoes.
Currently we have breakaway as a league sponsor and there is interest from other parties to sponsor us. In addition to this I have received £40 in Morrisons vouchers for us to raffle off and there may be similar items to be added to this list in the coming weeks.
If anybody knows someone willing to be a sponsor or can donate a raffle prize of some description can you get in touch with John Craig.
The Jimmy Ramsay super 16ís start at Wallsend Buffs next tuesday the 4th september at 6.30pm in a roll on roll off format, if any spaces become available before the night I will put SPACE AVAILABLE on the relevant page of the website/facebook group and that place will be drawn out from those in attendance on the night. Any space that becomes available because a player has not turned up for there match on the night will also be drawn out from those in attendance. Please make sure you are there with time to spare for your game.
The CIU Singles final will be held on Wednesday 4th September at King Street club between Billy Hunter and Paul McHugh starting at 7.30pm.
All registration forms should be completed(if any help is required please contact the committee) and brought to the registration meeting along with any moneys due, the registration meeting will be held at Fairholm on Wednesday 18th September starting at 7.30pm.

Rules Meeting: Tuesday 23rd July, Wallsend Buffs
Present: Buffs A, Buffs B, Teams, Whitley Snooker A, Meadowfield, Forest Hall, Gosforth A, Gosforth B, Newcastle Snooker Centre, Labour A, Fairholme, Whitley Bay Comrades and Newcastle United Golf Club.
AGM to be held at Westholme Farm on Tuesday 27th August
Jimmy Ramsay draw been done by Lenny Wawryzniak (Buffs Chairman)
League logo agreed upon
AGM order of business
Chairman(Terry Douglas), Secretary(John Craig), Treasurer(Allan Adams) and nominated member(Billy Armstrong jnr) to be reelected into their positions.
A second nominated member to be added to the league committee
League fees to be agreed and registration forms to be handed out
Rules to be voted on
Addition to rule 3 a). If a club doesnít take new members then in lieu of a membership fee going to the club a one off fee would then go to the league to act as a membership fee for that club alternatively remove the rule from the league that you have to be a member of the club you are playing for.
Edit to rule 3 c) (ii). Players barred from other venues in the league. Options are
a. Keep rule as is with Team games going ahead as stated with barred players being unable to play with individual competition games reversed or played at a neutral venue
b. Team games are drawn earlier including barred players, with the affected games being played somewhere else on the same night
c. All affected games team games to reversed where possible or played at a neutral venue.
d. Barred players to be allowed in the venue to play the game
A team changing venue between season should be allowed to stay in the division they are currently in or should they start in the lowest division as new teams to the league would do
Edit to Rule 11. d) Dress code to stay as it currently as for semis and finals trousers/dark jeans, collared shirt(dress/polo) and shoes/smart trainers to be to become trousers, collared shirt(dress/polo) and shoes for both or for just final or to remove the dress code rule altogether.
5 Format changes
Instead of having the current division 1 and division 2 leagues playing each team home and away, changing to an east league and a west league and playing each team home and away
League singles final being changed from best of 5 final to a best of 7 final
Changing the format of the peter heron trophy. Proposing to play it the second half of the season and having separate competitions for each division. The competition would also be handicapped using the league points at the halfway stage of the season. For example a 5pt headstart would be given to the lower ranked team for every point they are behind the higher ranked team. Last season for the top and bottom teams at the halfway stage would mean in Division 1 Gosforth A were 32 points ahead of Forest Hall and would then give a 160pt headstart and in division 2 Innisfree were 30pts ahead of Social and would give a 150pt headstart
6. Balance sheet ready to be available for the other teams to view
7. Any ideas to increase revenue through sponsorship or other means
8. Would any team like an individual copy of their team fixtures as well as the usual complete league fixtures
9. Any other business