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Meeting 2 Dunston Excelsior 28/11/2018
Teams not present; Engineers A and Social
Domino card was won by Billy Flamson(Dunston) with 28 going to the league
The venue order list for semis and finals was drawn as follows:
Teams, Labour, Buffs, Fairholm, Meadowfield, Forest Hall, Westholm, Jubilee, Engineers, Whitley Comrades, King St, Innisfree, Dunston. Social always host the Peter Heron final so were not put into the draw.
The peter heron semi finals were drawn and will be played on the 18th December with the final on the 8th January. Dress code will apply.
The first round of the singles was drawn with a deadline of Tuesday 29th January, home players must make contact on or before Tuesday 18th December or the away player can claim home advantage.
The doubles preliminary round was drawn with 43 entries giving 11 ties and 21 byes with a deadline of Tuesday 29th January, home players must make contact on or before Tuesday 18th December or the away player can claim home advantage.
Any problems in arranging games should be brought to the committees attention so we can provide assistance where possible.
Veterans entries must be brought to the next meeting on the 19th december as the draw will be made on that night.
Missing match cards from division 1:
16th October: Gosforth B v Teams
6th November: Labour A v Whitley A
20th November: Labour A v Gosforth A, Mead v King St(player results missing)
Missing match cards from division 2:
9th October: Engineers A v Newcastle Snooker
16th October: Whitley B v Fairholm
23rd October: Engineers A v Jubilee(player results missing)
13th November: Social v Newcastle Snooker(player results missing)
20th November: Engineers A v Fairholm
The next meeting will be held at wallsend buffs on Wednesday 19th December

28/11 Tonights meeting is at dunston excelsior we will require names for the veterans as we will be doing the preliminary round draw tonight for it. There will also be draws made for the singles, doubles and Peter heron. We will also be drawing the list of venues for all semi and final matches tonight.

Meeting 1 Innisfree 31/10/2018
Teams not present; Jubilee and Engineers A
The domino card was won by Ian Brown(Whitley Snooker B) with 28 going to the league
The quarter finals of the Peter Heron Memorial Trophy was drawn with ties to be played on Tuesday 27th November fixtures are on the relevant page.
The preliminary round of the singles was drawn with 86 entrants giving 22 ties and 42 byes with a deadline of Tuesday 27th November. Home players must make contact with their opponent before Wednesday 14th November or the away player can claim home advantage, players wishing to do this must inform the committee of this. Also any difficulties in arranging games the committee should be informed so that we can provide assistance.
Throckley Bank Top club have expressed an interest in joining our league for next season which has been accepted by the members at the meeting.
Current sponsors Dransfield have so far not sent a cheque for this seasons sponsorship, the treasurer will send a letter to find out if they are continuing their sponsorship with us. In addition to this we are still looking for sponsors from any local businesses for the current season, if anybody would like to sponsor us they should contact the committee to discuss what we can offer them in return.
A rule change regarding what should happen if a team does not turn up for a scheduled match has been brought up and will be discussed again at the agm ready for the start of next season.
Missing match cards from Division 1. All match/frame results are in
9th october: Whitley A v Meadowfield, Teams v Buffs B
16th october: Meadowfield v Buffs A, Forest Hall v Labour A, Gosforth B v Teams
23rd october: Gosforth B v Teams
Division 2. All match results are in
9th october: Engineers A v Newcastle Snooker, Jubilee v Dunston
16th october: Innisfree v Social, Whitley B v Fairholm
23rd october: Engineers A v Jubilee(frame results missing)
Can we have the names in at the next meeting for the veterans competition, players must be 55 or over on the date of the draw (28th November) to be eligible to enter.
The next meeting will be held at Dunston Excelsior on Wednesday 28th November at 7.30

The first meeting of the season is at the Innisfree tonight, we will be doing the quarter final draw for the Peter Heron and the preliminary round draw for the singles so any additions to the 81 names already entered must be done tonight.

Whitley Snooker Centre 'B' have dropped out of the league. This means that heaton meadowfield will receive a bye in tonights Peter heron 1st round and all of their league games will be voided. Any player from Whitley snooker b is also now eligible to sign for another team in the league.*THIS MESSAGE IS NOT CONFIRMED YET WHITLEY ARE TRYING TO CONTINUE AND WILL HAVE A FULL TEAM FOR TONIGHTS PETER HERON GAME*

Registration Meeting on wednesday 19th september at king street
Teams not present; Labour A
The first spirit domino card was won by Kenny Wilson(Jubilee) with 28 going to the league.
The league website this season will cost 149.50, 23 teams x 6.50 per team.
The league website for the new season can not be started until the completion of the Jimmy Ramsay super 16s on tuesday 25th September as you are unable to go back and edit previous seasons.
The Peter Heron Memorial Trophy preliminary round has been drawn will 7 ties and 9 byes to be played on tuesday 2nd october
Buffs A v Whitley Snooker A
Gosforth B v Forest Hall
Teams v Newcastle Snooker Centre
Labour B v King Street
Fairholm v Buffs B
Westholme v Engineers B
Whitley Snooker B v Labour A
We also did the 1st round draw as there is no meeting scheduled before the date of this round which is tuesday 30th october
Buffs A/Whitley Snooker A v Innisfree
Westholme/Engineers B v Jubilee
Dunston v Gosforth A
Liberal v Fairholm/Buffs B
Gosforth B/Forest Hall v Labour B/King Street
Social v Teams/Newcastle Snooker Centre
Meadowfield v Whitley Snooker B/Labour A
Engineers A v Whitley Comrades*If Engineers B beat Westholme in the preliminary round this fixture will be reversed*
All preliminary round fixtures will go on the website proper on 26th September with the Round 1 fixtures added when results have been sent in.
The next meeting will be held at innisfree on wednesday 31st october.

AGM on tuesday 28th august 2018 at heaton meadowfield.
Terry Douglas(Chairman), John Craig(Secretary), Allan Adams(Treasurer) and Billy Armstrong jnr(Nominated Member) were re-elected to their positions on the committee.
Teams lost: Tynemouth, Fairholm A, Jubilee A, Liberal A
New teams: Innisfree, Newcastle Snooker Centre, Whitley Bay Snooker Centre B
Moving teams: Saltwell to Dunston Excelsior
Currently we have 23 teams to be split into 2 divisions of 12 and 11 teams as follows;
Division 1: Gosforth A, Buffs A, Whitley Snooker, Meadowfield, Labour A, King Street, Teams, Gosforth B, Buffs B, Labour B, Whitley Comrades and Forest Hall
Division 2: Engineers B, Fairholm B, Liberal B, Social, Westholme, Engineers A, Jubilee B, Dunston Excelsior, Innisfree, Newcastle Snooker Centre and Whitley Snooker B.
It was voted at the meeting to increase the following fees/fines;
Player Registration from 1 to 2
Meeting fees from 7 per paid meeting to 8 per paid meeting.(56 total to 64 total)
Missing a meeting fine from 5 and 1 point league deduction to 10 and 1 point league deduction.
All other fees/fines have not been altered.
Rule 12.b)(i)has been changed from each club must give a bottle to the league as a presentation prize to each team must give a bottle to the league as a presentation prize. Any spare bottles will be given out as a prize on a domino card at each meeting, cost 1, with all proceeds going to the league.
This season, as an attempt to get more people to the presentation night, we will be trialling holding the presentation on the same night as one of the league finals.
The Jimmy Ramsay super 16s is scheduled to start next week on Tuesday 4th September at Wallsend Buffs. The draw and times are on the relevant page, except for the 1st game of the night the times are as a guide only so players should arrive with time to spare for there frames. Any player who is not present when there game is due to start will have their place put into a draw made from the other players in the club at the time of the draw. Can any players who cannot make their allotted time inform John Craig as soon as possible. Any spaces in the draw will be shown as Buffs A bye.
The league will start with the peter heron memorial trophy preliminary round on Tuesday 2nd October, the draw will be made at the registration meeting with the league proper starting on Tuesday 9th October.
If anybody would like to sponsor the league or knows somebody who would please can they get in contact with the league treasurer Allan Adams for more information.
The registration meeting will be held at King Street on Wednesday 19th September starting at 7.30 all registration fees should be paid at this meeting.