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24th May
Hi Captains & Reps
Hope every one of you and your families are all keeping well.

With the amount of time we have lost because of this Covid-19 lockdown for us to complete cancelled fixtures and with no sign that any of our local Clubs are reopening in the immediate future, I now feel that there is insufficient time left before our next season, which starts in September to complete the remaining 2019-20 Snooker & Billiard fixtures. Outstanding Competition matches will still be played for when players and clubs are in a position to carry them out. Details of what I propose are on a separate sheet for Club use when needed

A limited discussion has been taking place on our Gloucester Billiard & Snooker League Facebook page with those GBSL members that use it, it's is a very useful form of presenting current & immediate League information also allowing our members to be able to express their views by comments it also gives us the ability to hold virtual votes ,when needed on GBSL suggestions and the ability to hold virtual League meetings from home using their meeting application (which at this present time is a very useful facility to help me and yourself to run our Leagues).

So I would ask all GBSL members especially the Captains & Reps to help in the running of our Leagues to make use of this facility to join our League group on Facebook which can be found at Billiard & Snooker League. This will require you to join us by registering an account with Facebook.

Our Facebook GBSL Group Administrator is John Redfern (BMI Upton) who can help if required in this process.

League Competition & Match Secretary
Gloucester Billiards & Snooker Leagues
Tel: 07591977032

17th March

Please advise all your players the following; The advice from the Government has dramatically changed since I proposed what I wrote on the GBSL Web sites and emails, with the advice now being to close public venues coming in

“Due to updated advice regarding the spread of the Coronavirus
The Gloucester Snooker & Billiard league will now suspend all League & Competition matches with immediate effect until further notice, sorry for any inconvenience caused”.

League Competition & Match Secretary

GBSL League suspension concerning Covid-19

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Briefly after having a long talk with our Chairman on how we can go forward to address the concerns of our older generation and other players in the GBSL.

I am announcing this weekend that the GBSL WILL SUSPEND All League Matches for Teams where they feel, ” unable or want to continue Playing” for the next four to eight weeks starting ......
Monday 16th March until Monday 18th May..

I will update in the coming month any Information that I receive and where possible any rescheduling that will need to be done to complete our season.
This period will be reassessed and extended if necessary.

The GBSL will also allow Teams or Players that wish to fulfill any of their League Fixtures / Competition matches to carry on playing only if their opponents are also willing to play, This will require the “ Captains / Players to be communicating with each other”, asking their opponents if they-are also willing to still play.

There will be no penalties for any Team or Player not wanting to currently play their matches in this period". ….All cancelled Matches / Competitions will still have to be played at a later date TBA.

By taking this action at this stage in our current season, it will seriously affect the timing of our GBSL League playing Calendar and our Competition Finals , Annual GBSL Presentation and AGM which were all scheduled for late April ----early May.

League Competition & Match Secretary
Gloucester Billiards & Snooker Leagues

With regard our league, what are players views on Covid-19 and reducing your personal risk, especially those over 50 and those with underlying health issues?
We should all be concerned as there is a lot we don’t know but we do know it’s serious.

J.F.Pearce. " If our GBSL community wish to postpone the later part of our Season, which includes, " The remaining matches ( 6 to 8 weeks of content) also the Annual GBSL Presentations and annual GBSL A.G.M ".
I do have plans in place if asked or required to do so. Please contact me to express any views you have regarding this situation .A.S.A.P

A breakdown of what our League consists of, regarding Age Groups and what Teams could be affected.
We have 60 Players over the age of 50, 18 Teams would be affected
We have 30 Players over the age of 60, 15 Teams would be affected
We have 16 Players over the age of 70, 8 Teams would be affected
Players within these groups are active in every Division. If any part group / group suspend's playing, it would probably result in the full suspension of the GBSL Playing Calendar, until a more favourable time T.B.A.

Ken Waite "Very valid point from a 72 year old. If it wasn't so serious, I'm sure jokes would be flying around concerning shaking hands.
I would hope those players, who have been on holiday or work to a high risk country, would self isolate, for their own and family's sake. At least 2 weeks incubation period.
I am sure, GBSL, wouldn't penalise any team unable to raise a team because of the virus"

John W Redfern . "It deserves serious discussion. Last week I stopped shaking hands and fist pumped instead. But then there’s the playing surfaces, the balls etc which we all handle and the various clubs we visit and their cleaning regime!"

Phil Hartley "I totally agree, I know there are a few matches to play in the latter part of the season but we have to put things in perspective, snooker is very important to many of us but in the end it is only a game. There are many of the older players that I have played against for many years and most are good friends I am sure we can do something to reduce the risk."

Graham. Riley Not an easy one. The virus is particularly harmful to the elderly with underlying health conditions. As such Tony Webb makes a good point in as much as our playing could affect players ill partners/relatives.
I think serious consideration should be given to either speeding up an end to the season or biting the bullet and stopping completely. It would be a shame but lives are potentially at risk and that’s more important at this point in time.

Tony Webb
Myself & Andrew Jackson have wives with serious health issues which quit frankly would probably be fatal should they get this virus.

Sad News ,I have been advised of the Passing of GBSL Member Godfrey Colman ( Churchdown ), I believe he reached the age of 99 years, the information I have at the moment is minimal but I will update you as soon as I receive more information.
I now have more details regarding the Late Godfrey Coleman.
His Funeral will be held on Wednesday 25th Match , 12.30pm , at the Gloucester Crematorium

The West of England Billiards Open 2020

The above competition is the second event of the WEBSF billiards season and it will be held on Saturday 22nd February at Jesters Snooker Hall, Swindon (9.00am for 9.30am start)
Entry fee £20 in addition to an annual tournament participation fee
Open to all players
100% of entry fees paid out in prize money
Round robin groups followed by KO (timed matches) and plate - subject to entry numbers
For more details click here:

Registration and payment is required in advance

Please share the above details to help spread the word. To enter please contact Steve Canniford or Chris Coumbe.

Good morning

I hope this email finds you well? My colleague Bob Hill from the WPBSA passed your details to me

I’m writing to you from World Snooker Ltd regarding next months Welsh Open Snooker, taking place at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, 10th - 16th February. As a Gloucester Snooker League, just over the bridge from Cardiff, I was wondering if a small group of your club members would like to attend the Welsh Open tournament as guests of World Snooker? If you are interested in visiting us on either Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th or Thursday 13th please do let me know and we can get something arranged.

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Katie Oldfield
Event Director
World Snooker Limited
75 Whiteladies Road
Clifton, Bristol,
Telephone: 0117 317 8200

The Gloucester Billiards & Snooker League Committee: Derek Ayland , Ken Waite & John Pearce would like to wish all our GBSL Teams & Players
A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Sunday, 08 December 2019

GBSL Outstanding Matches as of 8th December
Captains & Players : Please be aware that the Home Team / Player/s in all matches listed below are now in danger of having Walkovers applied against them in all their respective Matches. The average time that was given to play these Individual Matches has been approx. 5/6 weeks, giving ample time to play them. Unless prior contact/information has been made to me regarding these matches immediate contact must now be made to avoid above. Jp
Team Pairs
T&T Bassett Belters v BMI Bandits Nov 14th
N.Fleckner Open Dec 7th Closing Date
K.Dwyer v D.Lallah
M.Dwyer v P.Mount
D.Staddon v S.Hobson
K.Taylor v S.Cliff
D.Anderson v A.Duggan
Premier Individual Dec 7th Closing Date
B.Wall v J.Davies
D.Anderson v S.Sawczuk
Premier Pairs Dec 7th Closing Date
E.Wood D.Wilson v J.Burrows D.Anderson
1st Division Individual Dec 7th Closing Date
C.Allen v D.Griffin
T.Johnson v M.Dwyer
D.Willis v A.Grainger
P.Hartley v A.Webb
R.Jackson v J.Pearce
1st Division Pairs Dec 7th Closing Date
M.Dwyer K.Dwyer v K.Waite D.Rymer
Seniors Cup Dec 7th Closing Date
M.Dwyer v S.Rutherford
Veterans Cup Dec 7th Closing Date
M.Powell v J.Pearce
P.Parsons v A.Webb
A.Jackson v J.Bartlett
Premier League Nov 20th Match Date
R.Hill Potters v Top Q Allstars
1st Division Oct 30th Match Date
W.Hall Warriors v B.M.I. Bandits
2nd Division Dec 5th Match Date
T.T Bassett Belters v S.W.A. BrokenBalls
Billiards League
St James v R.Hill Nov 18th Match Date
R.Hill v W.Hall Layabouts Dec 2nd Match Date
Billiards H.Cap Nov 30th Closing Date
S.Rutherford v D.Staddon

J.F.Pearce GBSL League & Competition Secretary .

I've just received this WPBSA ruling given to T.Johnson for question's he asked concerning the miss Rule our League encountered recently. Jp

Dear Tony

Thank for your question on the Rules of Snooker concerning a miss.
If the Referee forgets to warn a player after calling a foul and a miss for a second time providing there is full central ball contact available they cannot then award the frame to the opponent following a further miss.

A frame cannot be awarded in this manner if the referee doesn't issue a warning. The Referee would have to apologise for forgetting and warn the player after the third miss.

I hope this answers your question.

Kind Regards
Brendan Moore. Senior Referee and Assessor World Snooker Ltd

I witnessed for the first time in the GBSL a game being lost under the “3 miss” rule.

It was Alan Martin .v Gary Singh’s …. Premier Division game.

The referee, Stephen Sawczuk, did not warn Allen after 2 misses.

It wasn’t until Gary claimed the game that Alan or Stephen realised and acknowledged consequences.

Not nice to see, but if the Premier Division is played to the professional code, Gary was well within his rights to claim the game.

I respectfully suggest that you publicise this occurrence to all captains, to ensure their players, when refereeing, are aware of, having to warn players of the outcome, after 2 misses.

Hopefully, this will ensure I never see, or hear of this happening again in the GBSL.

Ken Waite Chairman GBSL

Free on Collection 1 Snooker Table Ross on Wye Golf Club
I am a member of ross on wye golf club where we are looking to refurbish the bar area. This will mean we will be losing one of two full size snooker tables. Do you know anywhere that would be interested in acquiring a relatively unused table or where it could be advertised? We are looking to remove the table by the early December at the latest. I think it would be available for the cost of removal. Phil Taylor Ross on Wye Golf Club

br>The 2019 County Open Draw has now been made and published to the Gloucester Intertown Web Site , All entrants Please check your Match closing dates.

To co-ordinate all our Divisions in Billiards & Snooker for Cup matches/Holidays/Finals

I have had to stagger different League commencement dates as follows:
The 2nd Division Snooker will start next week on the 5th September.
The Billiard League will commence on the 30th September,
The Premier & 1st Division Leagues will commence on the 16th October.

All matches and play dates are now on display on our Web sites. Any Captain wishing to give me their results using our web sites, please send me a user name & password that they wish to use.

To all GBSL Competition Entrants.....
All Competition Draws have now been made and published to our Web Sites..(County draws Tba)
Please check all your entries are listed and contact details are correct on the Web sites.
If anyone has any queries regarding the matches or contact details , contact me a.s.a.p.

Please be aware : To prevent any backlog of matches not being played because of time and Table availability Ample time has been given this season to all Competition Preliminary and early Rounds , no further extension of time will be given to these matches because of the time already given... defaulting matches will have Walkovers awarded against them. (as per GBSL Rules) jfp