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Roll of Honour
Torbay Torre Trophies Snooker League Winter Presentation 2015-16
Saturday June 4th at The Galaxy Centre
Powe Cup (Handicap of +10 or more)
Runner-up: Cliff Ritson
Winner: Lewis Lumsden

Sutton Cup (Over 45ís)

Fred Jarvis Cup (Handicap Singles)

Joe Davis Cup

Locock Cup (team handicap)
Runner-up: Galaxy S
Lee Mc Arthur, Mike Williams, Ed Armitage & Aidan Whaley
Winner: St Annes E
Ian Booth, Jerry Passmore, Lee Mc Arthur & Brian Milden

Newman Cup (Scratch singles)

Division Three
Breakmasters runner-up: Leighton Harper 4/115
Breakmasters winner (over 24): Mike Pelmear 4/125
Division Three Averages runner up: Mike Pelmear 86.21%
Division Three Averages Winner: Leighton Harper 88.89%
High Break winner: Leighton Harper 43
Division Three runner up: Preston Conservative C
Ralf Tanner, Justin Callard, Brian Wood & Graham Warren
Division Three Winner: Ipplepen Conservative A
John Snell, Mike Pelmear, Glyn Avery, Roger Ratcliff, Jimmy Small & Mike Pengely

Division Two
Breakmasters runner-up: Stewart Reeves 5/130
Breakmasters winner (over 26): Shaun Attwood 7/203
Division Two Averages runner up: Nick Knapman 80.77%
Division Two Averages Winner: Shaun Attwood 90.48%
High Break Winner: Lee Pearce 50
Division Two Runners-up: Galaxy E
Nick Knapman, John Nugent, Robert Wright & Dave Harrop
Division Two Winner: Matchroom B
Martyn Taylor, Keiron Gay, Shaun Attwood & Michael Sinclair

Division One
Breakmasters runner-up: Dan Lewis 3/125
Breakmasters winner (over 28): Shaun Peters 10/368
Division One Averages runner up: Jason Matthews 81.58%
Division One Averages Winners: Dan Lewis 86.84%
High Break winner: Andy Hill 69
Division One runner up: Torre Conservative A
Jason Matthews, Andy Mascilo, Dinis Sousa & Dave Boustead
Division One Winner: St Marychurch Conservative A
Adam Warry, Pete Lewis, John Shelley, Neil White & Mike Rogers

Premier Division
Breakmasters runner-up: James Lee 3/347
Breakmasters winner (over 35): Lee McArthur 5/261
Premier Averageís runner up: Jerry Passmore 77.50%
Premier Averages Winner: Lee Mc Arthur 81.58%
100 Breaks & over: Andy Neck 100, Jason Whittaker 103, James Lee 118
High Break winner: James Lee 139
Premier Division runner up: St Marychurch Conservative E
Nigel Mills, Andy Neck, Ray Little & Cliff Ritson
Premier Division Winner: St Annes E
Ian Booth, Jerry Passmore, Lee Mc Arthur & Brian Milden