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Last updated: 26/1/2022
Sorry to have to tell you all this but after taking bad in last nights match Les Smith sadly died during the night. Les was a lovely bloke and he will be a miss to us all.

Gosforth A v Buffs A is the line up for the Peter Heron Memorial Trophy final being held at the Meadowfield on Tuesday 4th January the match starts at 7.30pm

Meeting 3: Westfield 15/12/21

Domino card was won by Wayne Turnbull (Teams) with £28 going to the league

Missing match cards Division 1:
5/10 Westfield v NSC
2/11 Westfield v Gosforth A
7/12 Gosforth A v Dunston, Meadowfield v Teams (no player results received)

Missing match cards Division 2
12/10 Bentinck v Forest Hall
2/11 Bentinck v Golf B (no player results received)
9/11 Forest Hall v Golf A
30/11 Forest Hall v Engineers, Bentinck v Buffs A

Fairholm have dropped out of the league for this season, however Gary Shaw and Lee Cody are continuing in singles and as a pair in the doubles in all ties these will now be classed as the away team.

The Peter Heron final between Gosforth A and Buffs A which was meant to be played at Gosforth on 4th January has been moved to Heaton Meadowfield as Gosforth qualified for the final. Gosforth will now host the Division 1 knockout cup final scheduled for the 19th April

Draws were made for preliminary rounds of Division 1 and Division 2 knockout cups.

Veterans last 16 draw was made however Billy Flamson v John Shipley was given an extension (playing 21/12) with the winner hosting Davey Pedersen.
Singles last 32 was drawn however Wes Fiddler v Richie Hurst was given an extension (playing 21/12) with winner hosting Monz Ahmed, Lee Cody v John Best was also given an extension (playing 17/12) with the winner drawn away to Bob McDonald.
Doubles last 32 was drawn however with a doubles entry from Fairholm being withdrawn that left 31 teams therefore the preliminary round match between Brian Bell/Mark Falcon and Terry Douglas/Graeme Barton was changed to a first round game with the winners Brian and Mark going straight to the last 16
The deadline for all games is 2nd February with home players having to make contact on or before 11th January and problems making contact/arranging games let the league committee know as soon as possible.

The next meeting will be at Wallsend Engineers on Wednesday 2nd February at 7.30

Meeting 2: 17/11/21 at Forest Hall

Teams not present: Jubilee, Newcastle Golf B and Teams

Domino card was won by Dave Robinson (Engineers) with £28 going to the league.

Missing match cards
Division 1
5/10 Westfield v Newcastle Snooker
2/11 Westfield v Gosforth A
9/11 Teams v Gosforth B
Division 2
12/10 Bentinck v Forest Hall, Fairholm v Newcastle Golf A
2/11 Bentinck v Golf B* no player results received
9/11 Bentinck v Fairholm, Forest Hall V Newcastle Golf A

Ronnie Temple has asked that if possible can teams get to matches at Newcastle Snooker Centre for 7pm as the club is supposed to close at 10pm due to licensing rules in Fenham. Would team captains contact Ronnie on the week of there match to let him know if they are able to.

The possibility of a billiards competition has been put forward would captains speak to there teams and give us an idea of how many would be interested in some sort of competition at the next meeting.

Peter Heron quarter and semi final draws were made
Quarter finals are on Tuesday 23rd November with the semi finals being played on Tuesday 14th December
S1 is Whitley Comrades/Dunston v Gosforth B/Buffs A at Bentinck
S2 is Meadowfield/Gosforth A v Newcastle Golf A/Throckley at Westfield
The final will be on Tuesday 4th January at Gosforth venue may change depending on who reaches the final.

Veterans, Doubles and Singles have been drawn all have a deadline of Tuesday 14th December ad home players must contact their opponent before Wednesday 1st December or the away player may claim home advantage. Any problems in arranging games please inform the committee as soon as possible.

The next meeting will be at Westfield on Wednesday 15th December at 7.30pm

Just to remind everyone the meeting on Wednesday 17th November is at FOREST HALL NOT MEADOWFIELD as originally planned. Can all captains bring names for the veterans competitions along with any fees required as with singles and doubles any player who entered last seasons competitionwill be given free entry into this seasons competition.

Peter heron matches tonight can I remind all teams that this is an aggregate score competition. If an individual frame finishes level after a scoring shot on the final black there would not be a respotted black. If after the 5 frames have finished the scores are level, the two players from the final frame would then have a respotted black to decide who wins.

Meeting 1: Throckley Bank Top 20th October

Teams not present: Bentinck, Newcastle Utd Golf B, Fairholm

Domino card was won by Kevin Stansfield (Throckley Bank Top) with £28 going to the league

Missing match cards Division 1
5/10: Meadowfield v Gosforth B, Westfield v NSC
12/10: Whitley Comrades v Buffs A
19/10: Gosforth A v NSC, Meadowfield v Westield
Missing match cards Division 2
5/10: Engineers v Bentinck
12/10: Golf B v Fairholm, Bentinck v Forest Hall, Fairholm v Golf A
19/10: Golf B v Fairholm
Can all captains please remember to bring the match cards to the league meetings. There will be a £3 fine applied to all match cards missing at the end of the season.

Peter Heron last 16 draw was made to be played on Tuesday 26th October

The league singles preliminary round was drawn with 76 entries giving 12 ties and 52 byes. The deadline for these matches is the 16th November, home players have upto and including Tuesday 2nd November to make contact with there opponent or the away player can then claim the home venue. Any difficulties in contacting players or arranging games the league committee should be informed as soon as possible.

The Forest Hall v Newcastle Golf B match on 5th October had Forest Hall given a frame due to lateness and a further 2 frames were also awarded to Forest Hall after Golf B fielded 2 unregistered players. As a reminder teams should arrive ready to start matches at 7.45pm and that players can be registered until 7.30pm on a match night by informing John Craig(League Secretary) or Allan Adams(League Treasurer) phone numbers are on the contact sheet.

During the Meadowfield v Westfield match on the 19th October, Eddie Amos (Westfield) was verbally abusing the bar staff, we as a league will not tolerate this type of behaviour and it was unanimously decided to ban Eddie from the league.

All veterans(over 55ís) entries should be brought to the next meeting along with any fees as we will be drawing the preliminary round of this competition then. We will also be drawing out the preliminary round of the doubles competition so if there is any additional entries for that they should also be brought to the meeting.

The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 17th November at Forest Hall not the Meadowfield as originally planned.

Registration Meeting held at Wallsend Buffs on Wednesday 22nd September

Teams not present: Westfield

With the late addition of Fairholm we have a top division of 9 teams and a bottom division of 10 teams. Promotion/Relegation this season will be 2 down and 3 up.
Division 1 will be Buffs A, Gosforth A, Newcastle SC, Meadowfield, Westfield, Gosforth B, Dunston, Whitley Bay Comrades and Teams
Division 2 will be Jubilee, Buffs B, Forest Hall, Newcastle Utd Golf Club A, Engineers, Liberal, Bentinck, Throckley Bank Top, Newcastle Utd Golf Club B and Fairholm

The 7 monthly meetings were drawn as follows
20th October: Throckley Bank Top
17th November: Meadowfield
15th December: Westfield
2nd February: Engineers
2nd March: Newcastle Utd Golf Club
30th March: Gosforth
27th April: Jubilee
The venues not drawn Whitley Comrades, Liberal, Fairholm, Teams, Dunston and Forest Hall will get the first monthly meetings next season.

The singles final/presentation night was drawn to be held at Fairholm and will not change even if a Fairholm player makes the final as there is only a certain amount of venues we believe capable of hosting that night.
The following venues were drawn to have these competitions but are subject to change if a player/team from said club plays there although we will make sure each club does host something during the season
Peter Heron Final: Gosforth
Peter Heron Semi Finals: Bentinck and Westfield
Knockout Cup D1 Final: Meadowfield
Knockout Cup D1 Semi Final: Buffs and Newcastle Snooker
Knockout Cup D2 Final: Jubilee
Knockout Cup D2 Semi Finals: Dunston and Liberal
Doubles Final: Forest Hall
Doubles Semi Finals: Teams and Engineers
Veterans Final: Whitley Bay Comrades
Veterans Semi Finals: Throckley Bank Top and Teams
Singles Semi Finals: Westfield and Throckley Bank Top

The Peter Heron Memorial Trophy preliminary round was drawn to be played on Tuesday 28th September. The 19 entrants gives 13 byes and 3 ties
Teams v Gosforth A
Buffs B v Newcastle Snooker
Liberal v Buffs A

The Preliminary Round(Last 128) draw for the singles and the Round 1(Last 16) draw for the Peter Heron Memorial Trophy will take place at the next meeting.

In League games the home captain should inform John Craig of the scoreline including player results as soon as possible after a match by message or via the facebook group. All match cards should then be brought to the following monthly meeting for collation. For cup games it is the winning teams responsibility to forward results.

As a reminder there is a separate high break prize for each division however breaks in League games only will count towards this prize. All breaks of 40 and above should be noted and will go towards the player statistics.

The next meeting will take place at Throckley Bank Top on Wednesday 20th October at 7.30pm.

AGM held at Wallsend Buffs on Tuesday 7th September
Present: Buffs A, Gosforth A, North East Snooker, Newcastle Snooker, Meadowfield, Gosforth B, Whitley Bay Comrades, Teams, Jubilee, Buffs B, Forest Hall, Newcastle Utd Golf Club, Engineers, Liberal, Bentinck, Throckley Bank Top.
Not Present: Westfield, Dunston, Fairholm
Teams not rejoining: North East Snooker
New Teams: Bentinck, Throckley Bank Top, Winlaton/ Newcastle United Golf Club B
We have 18 confirmed teams split into two divisions of 9 teams playing eachother once home and away
Division 1 will be Buffs A, Gosforth A, Newcastle Snooker, Meadowfield, Westfield, Gosforth B, Dunston, Whitley Bay Comrades and Teams
Division 2 will be Jubilee, Buffs B, Forest Hall, Newcastle Utd Golf Club, Engineers, Liberal, Bentinck, Throckley Bank Top and Winlaton/Newcastle Utd Golf Club B
However if Fairholm are still wanting to compete in the league this season they would go into Division 2 with Jubilee moving up to Division 1 to make a league of 10.
Throckley Bank Top have offered to reverse a couple of their home league games and play twice away to the couple of teams that would be unwilling to travel. Winlaton have offered to play there home games against those same teams at Newcastle United Golf Club.

All fees and fines will stay the same as in the previous season and are on the rules section of the website (Section 4).
Home teams in league games will buy 6 drinks for the away team.

Those players that entered the singles, doubles and veterans(over 55ís) competitions in the abandoned previous season will receive a free entry into this seasons competition. If any captain would like to know what they have paid for please contact John Craig and I will send you a list detailing those. Any new entries will have to pay the relevant fees.

The order for the monthly meetings will be drawn out at the registration meeting. Barring the AGM and registration meetings these will all be held on a Wednesday night. We will also draw out the venues for the semi finals and finals of each competition at the meeting.

The season will start on Tuesday 28th September with the Peter Heron preliminary round with the main league beginning on Tuesday 5th October

The Registration meeting will be held at Wallsend Buffs on Tuesday 21st September starting at 7.30pm can all teams bring there completed registration forms to this meeting along with any applicable payments.