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1. League Purpose
The purpose of the league is to promote competiive games within the local clubs.

2. Teams
Each team can have a maximum of eight players. A list of players must be submitted before the start of the season. Names can be added to the list to make up this number (8) at any time up to 24 hours before, either by phone 0773 963 2925 or E-mail: DO NOT RING ON DAY OF MATCH.

3. Matches will be of four single matches of two single frames. A point will be awarded for each frame won. A total of eight points.

4. The captain must inform the League Administrator, if a match has to be cancelled, with the reason why game is to be cancelled. The match must then be played within one calendar month of its cancellation.

5. Matches shall commence no later than 20.15. At which time both teams shall have players ready to start the match, the other two players must be ready to play by 21.00. Teams not adhering to this will lose a point. Players not on premises will forfeit their frames.

6. Opponents are determined by the home Captain writes the name of his players on the score card. The Away Captain chooses one of his players to play against the home list. These players play each other. . The Home Captain is responsible for completing the result card in all aspects. The Home Captain indicates the order of play. Unless both captains agree games will finish at 23.00. The score at that time will count..

7. No game can be cancelled if at least two players are a vailable to play.

8. Any team not playing two matches in a season will be eliminated from the league and their record expunged.

9. Match Result Cards
Tick the appropriate box for the League or KO competition that you are playing. Fill in the Date, Teams, Players, Result, Highest Break and Sign. All Match result cards must be received by the Secretary on the Friday following the match. If not received a point will be deducted. The responsibility to send the result card lies with the winning team or the home team when a draw.

10. No player shall play for more than one club during the season. Clubs with teams in same league cannot interchange players.

11. The bottom two teams in division will be relegated unless required to remain in division to equal out division. The top two in Division Two will be promoted.

12. League KOs are played as per league matches except that any player not on premises by 21.00 will forfeit their frames and awarded to opponents with 100 points per frame. If score is level in all respects then the last two players will play a re-spotted black to decide result. All points recorded in case of a 4–4 tie, if this occurs points will decide result.

13. Percy Bowring and Les Habgood Pairs KOs are played with a league handicap, decided by a teams league position. Therefore these will consist of TWO FRAME’S AGGREGATE, as with league KO all points must be recorded in case of a tie.

14. Any protests must be made within seven days of and in writing. A delegate meeting of three captains, plus secretary will discuss protest with clubs involved. Their decision will be final.

15. The highest break must be written on result card if it breaks previous high break to qualify for the trophy awarded at the end of season.

16. All teams pay a Entry Fee after receiving the fixture list. Only one payment of £60.00 per team. There is no cost for the Individual KOs. All Entry Fees must be paid in full, before the start of the season.

17. Individual competition
Private telephone must be given for this competition. Responsibility for arranging matches rests with the Home player who must give two dates and make contact with his opponent ten days before the closing date. If no result is received then BOTH players will be eliminated from the competition. No result will be accepted after closing date. Results can be in writing or e-mail. The matches will consist of three frames up to the final, when it will be the best of five frames.

18. Any team withdrawing from league and then wishing to return, will be placed in the division from which they withdrew.