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1) The League

a) The name of the league shall be the �NEWBURY SNOOKER LEAGUE�.

b) The name of the league and competitions may be associated with any sponsors.

c) The league Committee may refuse membership to a team or player.

2) The Committee

a) The league shall be governed by a committee consisting of:

i) Chairperson

ii) Secretary

iii) Competitions Secretary(s)

iv) Treasurer

v) And up to 5 non-executive members

b) The Treasurer shall be responsible for all league monies. These shall be kept in a bank account convenient to the Committee.

c) Elected officials will hold office for the season commencing and ending with the AGM, subject to any EGM motions. Existing officials can re-submit themselves for re-election. Any new candidates need to submit their nomination (i.e. proposed and seconded) not less than 14 days prior to the AGM however the Committee may also accept nominations at the A.G.M. subject to approval from the members present. Voting to elect the Committee will take place at the AGM.

d) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members

3) The Annual General Meeting

a) The A.G.M. to be held on a date set by the Committee and all teams must be represented. Any team not attending without prior notice will be deemed to have resigned from the League.

b) Agenda changes must be submitted prior to the A.G.M. to allow distribution to members.

c) No rule to be changed unless passed by the majority of members attending the A.G.M and the Chairperson shall have the casting vote if required.

4) Extraordinary General Meeting

a) The Chairman shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting on notice from a majority of the teams or the Committee in general, stating the reason.

5) Registration

a) All teams must pay the league fees and have registered their players prior to the start of the season as agreed at the A.G.M.

6) League Fees

a) League fees (payable per team) will be set by the Committee and will be inclusive of all competitions. This fee must be paid prior to the start of the season.

7) Clubs/Venues

a) No venue will be permitted to charge an entrance fee to any player or spectator for a match played under NEWBURY SNOOKER LEAGUE rules.

8) New Teams

a) New Teams should be proposed and seconded and elected to the league.

b) New Teams will be placed in a Division commensurate with the standard of their registered players.

c) In their first season, new Teams may apply to the Committee to add players. Should the Committee decide that the standard of that player is too high for the Division then the player may be refused registration.

9) Teams and Players

a) All players must be registered members of the League. i.e. listed on the League website

b) A minimum of 4 players will be allowed to register for a team.

c) Late registrations are allowed all season.

d) A player cannot transfer from one team to another if they have represented their current team in that season. The Committee will deal with exceptional circumstances.

e) Any player found guilty of serious misconduct against a player, spectator or a referee whilst playing any match as part of the NEWBURY SNOOKER LEAGUE or ANY ASSOCIATED COMPETITIONS shall be banned at the discretion of The Committee.

g) No professional/semi-professional player may represent any League Team

10) Trophies

a) All trophies that are the property of Newbury Snooker League should be insured by the holder. Trophies must be returned at the A.G.M. or as instructed by The Committee.

11) League Match rules

a) Each match shall consist of 4 players in each team. The home captain shall write the names of those 4 players on the match card and fold the card in half (thus concealing his team order) before handing it to the opposing captain for him to then allocate his 4 players.

b) Once a player has been listed on the card, a substitute player can only be named if the original player is unable to play

c) The listed players will play 2 frames against each other (4 pairings x 2 frames)

d) Teams will score one League point per frame won

e) The order of play in each pairing shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The winner of the toss can elect to break off, or ask his/her opponent to do so.

f) After a match has commenced, should any player listed on the card fail to turn up, that pairing is forfeited (as a "No Match") and the points awarded to the other players team accordingly.

g) All games shall be played to the rules of The Billiards and Snooker Control Council, except where listed in section 12.

12) Rule exceptions

a) The Miss Rule. The miss rule shall not apply in the Newbury Snooker League. However the referee is expected to adjudicate fairly and in the spirit of the game at all times.

13) Conduct

a) The etiquette of snooker shall be observed at all times

b) No other activity may be conducted by any players while their pairing is taking place. This includes (but is not limited to) making telephone calls, sending text messages, playing other games (pool, fruit machines etc.) and of course this will include the match referee.

14) Match Results

a) The home team will submit the result and a match report online after the game and this should be done as soon as possible. However results must be submitted within 96 hours of the match being played and failure to submit the result or indeed submitting a late result may result in the Committee penalising the offending team.

15) Postponing a League Match

a) A team may postpone a match (by informing the opposing Captain and a member of the Committee) up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the match. After this time, a 5 point penalty may be incurred at the discretion of the Committee and the match will be rescheduled as per Rule 15b.

b) A postponed match must be played within 21 days.

c) No league match to be played after the end of the season without the permission of the Committee.

16) The League

a) Teams will be promoted or relegated as appropriate and agreed at the A.G.M.

b) When calculating league placings, in the event of teams being level on points at the end of the season, then the higher number of wins will be taken into account. If the number of wins is the same then the higher number of draws will decide placings. If this is still equal then a deciding extra match will be played, with a 9th frame added (teams to nominate their players) in the result of a 4-4 draw. This rule will apply to either promotion or relegation

17) Disputes

a) Where a dispute arises the match will be completed. The dispute will go to the League Committee for judgement.

18) Any points not covered by the above rules will be agreed by The Committee.