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1 NAME The league shall be called the Frodsham and District Snooker League

2 OBJECTS To encourage, promote and control the playing of amateur snooker in a friendly and sporting manner under the Rules of the Billiards and Snooker Control Council 1952. All Team Captains will equip themselves with a copy of the Official Rules so that they will be available at every match

3 OFFICERS The Officers of the League shall be as follows
a President.
b Vice-President.
c Chairman.
d Honorary Secretary.
e Honorary Treasurer.
f Sub-Committee.

4 COMMITTEE The management of the League shall be vested in a Sub-Committee consisting of the Chairman, plus a maximum of six members, elected at the Annual General Meeting
5 METHOD OF ELECTION All Officers and members of the Committee shall resign at the Annual General Meeting. New Officers will then be elected. Officers resigning may stand for re-election. To be elected members must be present at the meeting. Officers resigning and wish to stand for re-election must hand in their apologies for absence if not at the meeting.
6 POWERS OF THE SUB-COMMITTEE The Sub-Committee shall have full control of the League. The Sub-Committee shall have full powers to make such Byelaws, as it may consider necessary to ensure the efficient running of the League. The Sub-Committee shall have full powers to suspend or terminate the membership to the League of any Club/Hotel or player whose conduct is considered not to be in the best interest of the League.
a CHAIRMAN The Chairman shall control all the Sub-Committee, Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings. In the absence of the Chairman, the members present shall elect one of their number to take over the roll of Chairman
b HONORARY SECRETARY The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible to the Sub-Committee for the following duties: -
i To summon, prepare the Agenda, attend and keep minutes of all meetings of the League as directed by the
ii To keep all records deemed necessary by the Sub-Committee of Clubs, Players and results of all matches.
c HONORARY TREASURER The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible to the Sub-Committee for the following duties: -
i. To receive all monies to the League and pay them into Bank Account in the name of the Frodsham and District Snooker League
ii. To keep an account of all receipts and payment and to present that account to the Sub-Committee and the Annual General Meeting
iii. To ensure all payments from the League funds are made by cheque, the cheque being signed by the Honorary Treasurer and elected officer of the League
8 HONORARIUMS The Honorariums of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting
a Sub-Committee Meetings shall be held when necessary and the Honorary Secretary must give notice to the
Sub-Committee members
b The Annual General Meeting will be convened by the Honorary Secretary Twenty-Eight days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Written items for the Agenda must be Proposed and Seconded and in the hands of the Honorary Secretary Fourteen days before the date of the meeting. The Agenda must be circulated to every Club Seven days prior to the meeting.
i Voting at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting will be One Team, One Vote
c The Honorary Secretary upon receipt of will convene Extraordinary General Meetings; -
i. A notice submitted by five Teams from a minimum of three Clubs
ii, An order by the Sub-Committee.
iii. Any request for an Extraordinary General Meeting shall clearly state the business to be discussed and no other business shall be transacted apart from that specified in the request, Extraordinary General Meetings cannot be convened during the playing season for any change to the League Rules

a There will be a restriction on the number of players of fifteen in each Team. Names of all the players for each Team will be registered with the League Secretary at the Annual General Meeting, except as stated in Rule 10.r.
b Matches will consist of six registered players per Team. One point being awarded for each frame won, after taking into account the individual handicap of each player. In the event that an immediate decision of a Team Knockout Match in that one Team is required to enter the next round, that one ‘play off ‘frame is played between nominated players of each Team who had participated in the match. This will not apply to matches in a Team Knockout Mini League.
c Individual players will be handicapped prior to the commencement of each season and at the discretion of the Sub-Committee at the halfway stage. An individual player or players may be re-handicapped at any time during the season if the Sub-Committee decides it is in interest of the player or players concerned or in the interest of the League and membership. The handicapping being laid down by the Sub-committee and their decisions dealing with the handicapping is final.
d The full Team Handicap Sheets (All divisions if more than one) shall be placed on notice boards at each and every Club/Hotel and shall not be removed under any circumstances,
e.i Clubs using one table must commence matches at 7.00pm prompt when a minimum of two players from each Team is present. Two players from each Team will be entered onto the Official Result Sheet and this will continue throughout the match. Clubs using a second table will use the same format and commence the match at 7.30pm prompt. For two tables venues four away players must be present, as the two non-players are required to referee. This rule can only be waived in unusual circumstances and providing there is mutual agreement between the Team Captains or their representatives and also as allowed in Rule 10.f.
ii Any Team that is five minutes late are in violation of Rule e.i and could have the first frame/s claimed by the Team present at the time and will forfeit the match if a period of 45 minutes’ elapses. In a Single or Pairs Knockout the scratching time is 8.00pm prompt. If lateness is inevitable Team Captains and players are advised to contact their opposition.
iii Team members participating in an official match are not allowed to practice on any table that may be available once the match has commenced and also must cease practice at this point
f.i The home Team shall have the right to select the order of playing each match. Captains may come to an agreement if a player or players are expected to be late, or if they are unaware of lateness, but only when the games of all player’s present have been completed (there must be a continuity of play), available team members not selected to play may be substituted for the missing players or players, If the names of the missing player or players have already been added to the result sheet both Team Captains must initial the alteration to the result sheet.
ii In the event of a Team being a player short they may use a Team member who has already played in the match as a stand-in. The player will be chosen by the opposing Team Captain at the end of the first two frames and the six player team picks a player to play twice, if that player can’t stay they concede the sixth frame. If the chosen player wins then he/she cannot record a win towards the averages or breaks towards the Andy Couzens Memorial Cup. Only one stand-in is allowed in the event of a team being more than one player short then a £3 fine will apply. This system can only be used a maximum of six times.
g The visiting Team will be responsible for marking and refereeing each game. In Knockout Matches both Teams at neutral venues (Final) will share it. The appointed Referee will settle all disputes in accordance with the Official Rules of Snooker. Should a player be in the firm opinion that the Referee is not conversant with the Rules of Snooker in making a particular decision in the match, he may before be taking his next stroke, appeal to his Team Captain who will endeavour to settle the dispute with the referee by consulting a copy of the official rules. If the dispute is then not settled, the Captain will inform the referee he will appeal to the Sub-Committee and the game will continue with the referee’s decision being enforced. Any appeal must be in writing, giving full details of the incident within five days of the match and must be accompanied by a deposit of £3.00 to the League Secretary. The Sub-Committee will then take whatever action they deem necessary and their decision will be final. The £3-00 deposit will be forfeit if the Sub-Committee decide that the complaint is not justified. It should be noted that this dispute procedure only applies to an alleged contravention of the Official Rules and not a dispute which is a matter of opinion
h The home team will break in all League and Knockout Matches, other than neutral venues in Knockout Matches when it is shared.
i. League Matches will be played on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings the League conforming to the fixture list issued by the League Secretary before commencement of the season. A team may request a different day in the week if it becomes difficult to field a team on Tuesday and Friday, A request must be in writing and submitted to the Sub Committee with the reason for the change.

j. No matches in the Official Fixture list can be postponed, this also includes all Knockout matches. However, postponement is allowed by clubs for non-snooker functions that require the room and in adverse weather condition. Also in the sad event of Team Members attending a funeral. Team Captains must inform the league Secretary as soon as they become aware of the reason for postponement.
i Failure to play in any Official Fixture will result in a £10 fine for the offending team and their opponents will be awarded the match and 6 points. However, if it’s both teams from the same club the match is null and void and both teams fined and no points awarded
k. Any Team playing less than the required number of 6 players shall forfeit one frame for each player short. If an aggregate point is being contested, then 147 points will be added to the opposing Teams aggregate score for every player short.
l. No player shall play for more than one Team in any one season and submitted to the Sub -Committee.
m. A player who has not played for a Team for which he/she was registered at the start of the season may request a transfer to another Team providing the request has the approval of the Sub-Committee. The Sub-Committee’s decision in answer to such request will be final
i. There will be a prize given each year for the highest break recorded in each Division of the league. Any breaks submitted for consideration must be entered on the Official Result Sheet, which must be signed by the Captains of each Teams. Players are responsible to make sure their break/s have been entered on the official Result Sheet.
ii. There will be a prize given each year for the player accumulating the most breaks (Andy Couzens Memorial Cup). For this reason, a player cannot concede a Match until only the final three colours remain on the table. He may however ask his/her opponent to agree before this time.
o. i There will be a prize given each year to the player winning the most games in each division of the League. For the purpose of this award failure to play in a League Match (this includes being given a walkover for a missing player)
will be counted as a lost game.
ii Any Team entering fictitious name/s and score/s on the official result sheet for missing team players will result in both Teams being fined £5.00.
p. Results shall be marked on the Official Result Sheet and signed by both Captains. The home Team shall be responsible for the Official Result Sheet (Hard Copy) being in the hands of the League Secretary by 1PM on the Tuesday following the Match. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a £3.00 fine being imposed against the offending Team. The fine will be continuous on a weekly basis for every extra week that the Result Sheet is late.
q,i. Any Team playing an un-registered player shall be fined £3.00 and forfeit the game in which the un-registered player participated.
ii. Any Team playing a player off the wrong handicap, which is to his/her advantage, shall forfeit the game irrespective of the winning margin. Any handicap change is with immediate effect and includes the League, singles, pairs and re-arranged matches.
r. Players under review for handicap at the start of the season will be re-handicapped after completing five games. The maximum handicap a player can receive is 30 plus and a minimum handicap a player can receive is minus 30. The maximum start a player can receive or give in any match is 40. Any player, playing less than five matches in a season will be under review the following season off his/her original handicap. After the halfway stage of the season no new registrations for players will be allowed unless a Team is having difficulty in fulfilling its fixtures. Team Captains can request new player/s providing they have been a member of their Club since the start of the season.
s. Teams can register players by submitting the name to the League Secretary in writing, TEXT or email.
t. That Teams be given seven days from the date set by the Treasurer to pay their bills, failing to comply with this Rule will result in a £5.00 fine. If the bill is not paid within another fourteen days, the offending Team will be expelled from the League and will not be entitled to receive any prize or prize money for the current season or be re-instated into the League until the outstanding monies have been paid
u. Those players in the Individual and Pairs Competition are fined £5.00 for failing to turn up without informing their opponents prior to the match.
v. Postponed matches in the Individual and Pairs competitions will be arranged by the home player, due to club availability it may be necessary to give the away player a maximum of three alternative dates. Home players failing
to turn up will lose home venue if the match should be re-arranged. Matches must be played before commencement of the next round and competitors failing to inform the League Secretary of his/her of their win could be scratched from the competition if the result is not received by the date set by the League Secretary.
w.i. No player will practice on the away tables venue prior to the commencement of the match.
ii, All the Finals of the League Knockout Competitions will be played at neutral venues with the exception of two player, pairs or teams from the same club. No player or Team will practice on the neutral venue match table/s 24 hours prior to the commencement of their match. Any member found doing so and the match will be awarded to their opponent/s, in the team knockouts a player/s will not be allowed to participate in the match.
x. There will be a £5.00 fine imposed for the non-return of the Leagues Trophies by the date given and the collection point advised by the League Secretary. Non-payment of the fine will result in the holder being expelled from the League until such time that it is paid.
Competitions and the number of Divisions will be decided at the Annual General Meeting. If there is more than one Division and there is an imbalance in numbers, the top Division will have the even number of Teams. In the event the lower Division promoted Teams will be promoted and the redress will be relegation from the top Division.

All handicap changes have been proposed and seconded by the Sub-Committee.
Although the formula has been used unchanged, it can however be changed instantly without notice by the Sub-Committee it is to the benefit to the player/s or the League. See Rule 10.c. Players performance improve and deteriorate regular for all sort of reasons and a constant check is made of all the players.

1 Up 15 0% must play 7 matches
2 Up 10 1% to 19%
3 Up 5 20% to 32%
4 No Change 33% to 66%
5 Down 5 67% to 79%
6 Down 10 80% to 99%
7 Down 15 100% must play 7 matches
Players on 33% and 66% who play continuously at these levels on three consecutive seasons can receive a handicap change made by the Sub-Committee
Players who complete eight consecutive wins/defeats will decrease/increase their handicap by 10
Players achieving a 50 break including another two breaks and a net scoring average above 50% will have 20 deducted off their handicap.
Any player changing Divisions winning four or five games will be deducted 10 off their handicap, However if their net average is above 66% and have two or more breaks over 20 they will be reduced a further five.. This will apply to players losing four or five games with a scoring average under 33% net will be increased a further five

a. Each Team will pay a Registration Fee of £5.00 per season
b. There will be a levy of £0.70 for each player participating in each match i.e., £4.20 a Team.
c. There will be a levy of £2.00 per player for the Individual and Pairs Competitions.
d. Each Team will pay £40,00-part match fees in December the date being laid down by the League Treasurer. Failure to pay any bill by the set date will result in a £5.00 fine,
e. The monies collected will be used to provide all prizes deemed necessary by the Sub-Committee and meet all expenses of the League.
f. Prizes will be paid out by Cheque, unless prize-winners request otherwise.

Any Team withdrawing from the League, or in the opinion of the Sub-Committee being deemed to have withdrawn must fulfil their financial commitments to the League.
a. If any Team withdraws from the League all previous League results shall be expunged from the records.

Message from the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 24th August 2004. During the season 2003/04 there were several incidents reported by members of members being bad tempered and also unsporting and definitely unfriendly towards opponents during League and individual matches and the meeting felt this was unacceptable as it was the standard set down by the Rules of the League. As from the start of the season 2004/05 any individual reported for showing signs of being bad tempered, unsporting and definitely unfriendly toward anyone, before, during and after matches will be dealt with by the Sub-committee and any action taken against the offender/s will be final.
A The WPBSA miss rule does not apply to the Frodsham & Distract Snooker League if the ball on is the obvious choice, only when two balls are in very close proximity can you call a miss. However, if players refereed correctly instead of standing in one place the choice would become obvious.

Brian Watkins - Secretary/Treasurer