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Chairman - Dave Andrews
Secretary - Les Crowder
Treasurer - Keith Knott

1st Division & KO competitions & Website - Luke Chantler
2nd Division & Team KO - Les Crowder

Alan Benz
Brendan Wright
Paul Heffernan
Graham Swaffer
Neil Falkner
Les Church



This combination of clubs shall be called the “Medway Snooker League”.
The league may be arranged in one or more divisions. At the end of each season, the two top teams from each division shall be promoted to the division immediately above it, and the two bottom teams will be relegated to the division immediately below it, so far as promotion is possible and practical.
The league committee to present their proposed league format, at the Annual General Meeting.

(a) Applications by new clubs for admission to the league must be submitted in writing, however no guarantee can be given for acceptance. All existing clubs must re-apply on the forms provided. All applications must be handed to the secretary at the AGM, by at least two members from each team. Failure to comply with this, may result in that teams registration being denied. Late applications will be treated as an application from a new club.
(b) The annual subscription will be reviewed each year at the AGM.
(c) Each team shall, by no later than the date specified by the secretary, register a maximum of six players on the form provided.
(d) No team shall participate in a league match, until their subscriptions have been paid.

The officers of the League shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, KO co-ordinator and divisional co-ordinators, to be elected at the AGM, together with a minimum of four other members. Members of the committee must be players registered with the League.
Except when otherwise stated all communications shall be addressed to the Secretary, who shall conduct the correspondence of the league, and keep a record of its proceedings.

(a) The committee may appoint Sub-committees as they consider necessary, and may delegate all or any of their powers to such committees. The decisions of all such committees shall be reported to the league committee.
(b) Each member of the committee shall be entitled to attend all committee meetings, and have one vote, but no member shall be allowed to vote on any matter appertaining to any club or clubs with which he may be connected. In the event of the voting being equal on any matter, the chairman shall have the casting vote. The committee shall have the jurisdiction over all matters affecting the league, whether specially provided for in these rules or not.
(c) Seven members of the league committee shall have the power to fill vacancies as deemed necessary.
(d) The league committee has the power to suspend any player deemed guilty of bringing the league into disrepute.

The league committee shall keep proper books of accounts, which shall be audited annually. Official receipts for all monies shall be signed by the Treasurer and Secretary. The league committee shall authorise cheques to be signed by the treasurer and or secretary.

(a) The annual general meeting shall be held not later than the 31st of July each year, and at least 21 days notice should be given to all clubs. At this meeting the following business shall be transacted :-
(i) The minutes of the last annual general meeting shall be read and confirmed, and any business arising dealt with.
(ii) Presentations and adoption of the annual reports and balance sheets.
(iii) Secretary’s report.
(iv) Election of officers, committee members and auditors.
(v) Alterations of rules if any (of which 7 days notice must be given in writing to the league secretary)
(vi) Constitution of the league for the next season (report only)
(vii) Any other business.
(b) Players of teams no longer in membership of the league will be entitled to attend, but shall only vote on matters related to the past season.
(c) All voting will be conducted by a show of hands, unless a ballot be demanded by ten delegates.


(a) Each team can register a maximum of six players, and only registered players will be allowed to play in league and cup competitions.
(b) Any team who play an unregistered player, will be barred from the league for the rest of the season, and would have to re-apply as a new team for re-entry into the league. Also, any player registered with that team would be barred from being registered with any other team for the rest of the season. All matches involved with that team would become void.
(c) 48 hours notice is required to register a new player, and no player can be registered after 31st December unless approved by the league committee.
(d) Only players who have not played in a league or team KO game can be replaced in a team, by a new registered player, unless approved by the league committee.

(a) Teams will consist of three players each playing two frames, scoring one point for each frame won.
(b) The draw for the order of play will be made before 7.30pm, and the order of play for the first three frames will be the order drawn, provided all three players are available to play. If any of the players drawn are not available to play one of the first three frames, then another registered player from that team may take their place. If no other player is available, then the point for that frame will be awarded to the other team.
(c) The order of play will change in frames 4 to 6, the away players will move down one position in the draw.
(d) If any team know in advance that one of their players will be late arriving or will need to leave early, their team captain should get the agreement of the opposing team captain prior to the match. In these circumstances the order of play may be adjusted to suit.
(e) League and KO matches shall not be played with less than two players in either team, although playing with two players is preferable to postponing a match. Where a team cannot field two players, the league secretary must be informed a minimum of 24 hours prior to the match, and if agreed the match shall be postponed. The league secretary will then inform the opposing team captain of the postponement.
(f) League and KO matches may be postponed due to extreme weather conditions without penalty. Where practical these matches must be re-arranged and played within 14 days. At the time of postponement, the team that has requested the postponement, must offer the other team three alternative dates within the next four weeks, for the game to be played. If it is impossible for the two teams to agree a date suitable to both teams, the league secretary must be informed within a week of the postponement. The league secretary will then act as an intermediary in the arrangement of the game. If the match is not played within 4 weeks of the postponement, all six points will be awarded to the team which was not responsible for the postponement.
(e) Any team failing to arrive for a match without giving their opponents reasonable warning, will have two points deducted from their total. Where practical these matches must be re-arranged and played within 14 days.
(f) If a match starts by 7.45pm but it proves impossible to finish the match that evening, then neither team will get the points from the remaining frames.
(g) Any disagreement or dispute over any of the above rules, should be discussed with the league secretary as soon after the match as practical. If necessary the committee have the right to impose alternative rulings as they see fit.
(h) The player of the year, will be won by the player with the highest difference between frames won and frames lost. If two or more players have the same difference, then it will be won by the player with most frames won.

(a) All matches must be played to B.S.C.C. rules. SUPER CHRYSTALITE balls must be used.
(b) The home team will be responsible for the refereeing of all league and team KO matches. A good standard of refereeing is expected, and any team with complaints about the standard of refereeing, should contact the league secretary in writing.
(c) It is expected that the home team provide adequate refreshments for their opponents.
(d) The home team will be responsible for communicating the match result to the relevant divisional co-ordinator, before 5pm on the day after the match.

(a) Entrants for the pairs KO competition do not have to be from the same team or club.
(b) KO matches must be played at the home team, player or pair’s club, unless an alternative venue is agreeable to both parties. For team KO matches, it is expected that the home team provide adequate refreshments for their opponents.
(c) In all KO competitions it is the responsibility of both team, player or pair to contact their opponents to arrange their games; if it has not been possible to arrange a match within one week of the draw, the opponents team captain should be contacted. If no communication is received by the closing date for that round of the competition, then both team, player or pair will be eliminated from that competition, and banned from any future competitions.
(d) Team KO matches should start at 7.30pm. In the event of a tied match, a seventh frame will be played to decide the winner. The players for the deciding frame will be nominated by each team on completion of the sixth frame.
(e) It is the responsibility of the winning player, pair, to phone the result to the KO co-ordinator, within 2 days of the match. Team KO results to be phoned to the divisional co-ordinator.

(a) If any team withdraws from the league during the first half of the season, then all matches played by that team will be void. All points involving matches with that team will be deducted. If any team withdraws in the second half of the season, then all points attained in the first half of the season will stand, but all points involving matches with that team in the second half of the season will be deducted.
(b) The league table positions will be decided as follows. If two teams are tied on frames won, then the team having won more matches will be place ahead of the other. If matches won are the same, then the team having lost fewer matches will be placed ahead of the other. If at the end of the season promotion or relegation positions are at stake, and the teams are still tied, then there will be a play-off match. The format for these matches will be decided by the committee.