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i) CLUB MEMBERSHIP - every player must be a fully paid up member of their Club. If any team is found to be abusing this ruling then they will be deducted points, as agreed by the Committee.

ii) LEAGUE MATCHES - each team can consist of between 5 and 7 players, to which the Captain's will choose in what order they play. There will be five single frames and one pairs, this being the last frame. Please note that when the Captain choose their players for the pairs frame he must make sure that they play in frames 1, 2, or 3 in the singles, this will enable the last frame of pairs not to be held up. The home Captain will match-up with the opposing captain's choice and this will then be the order of play. No matches can be cancelled unless it is due to extreme weather conditions, or the matches clash with the York League (this applies to Pickering Cons 'A', Malton Cons 'B' and 'C' teams only). The league secretary (Mike Turner) must be notified of a postponement to any match, whereupon he will re-arrange the fixture with the two captain's. If a team is unable to raise a minimum of 4 players then the match must be postponed, by notifying the opposing team captain and the league secretary. If a team fails to arrive for a match without prior notification, then they will be deucted two points and the match will again be re-arranged by the league secretary.

iii) TEAM COMPETITIONS - the order of play will be drawn by the captains, and this must be the order of play. However sometimes this cannot be fulfilled, so if both captain's agree then the schedule can be altered. If a captain wishes to adhere to the proper ruling he may so, and if the opposing player is not availble to play within 15 minutes of the last match finishing, then they will be awarded the frame. The Five-a-Side will be played on a points aggregate, and the Hope & Anchor is best of five frames.

iv) SCORE SHEETS - they must include the points scored by each player in the singles, but in the pairs frame only a Win or Loss needs to be registered. The Captain's are requested to write a small report on each match. They must ensure that they are received by the League Sec. no later than the Thursday of the week that the match was played. If the Score Sheets are consistently late then the 'home' team can be deducted points by the Committee.

v) HANDICAPS - All players handicaps can be revised 'up' or 'down' during the course of the season, and they will be ratified by the Handicap Committee and the Team Captains. New players to the league will be given handicaps of 21, but it is each captain's responsibilty to enter new players that are subsequently better than average to be entered off a lesser handicap.

vi) NEW PLAYERS - they can only be registered in the first half of the season, up to 31st December. If a player is entered on to the Score Sheet that has not been registered, then the team will be deducted one point.

vii) MATCHES - Captain's are required to turn up at each match venue by 7.30pm at the latest, with at least two other players. If this ruling is consistently abused then the Committe will decide if any points deduction will be implemented.

viii) THE 'MISS' RULE - it will not be implemented in the League or in any of the Competitions.

ix) SUBSCRIPTIONS - 40/team for the season. All teams subscriptions must be paid up by 31st October. For each month payment is late then the team will be penalised one point.