UK League Snooker Annual Championship -
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Each league is invited to enter one team of five players (Depending on numbers, we may allow a second team), but unlimited reserves are permitted.

We will have two divisions and play a league format, with a quarter-final between the first four teams from division A playing against the first four teams in division B. If two teams finish with equal wins, losses, for, against and points then the team which beat the other team finishes higher. The team that finishes 1st in division A will play the fourth place team in division B, the 2nd place team in division A will play the 3rd place team in division B and vice versa. In the semi-finals, the winners of the 1st place and 4th place matches will play the winners of the 2nd place and 3rd place match from the other group. Then there will be the final.

There will be cash prizes for the winners and runners up, along with a cash prize for the player with the greatest difference between wins and losses (if two players are level, we will then go off aggregate difference based on the aggregate page), and also highest break.

Professionals can enter the tournament, but they will be handicapped at 21 points a frame.

The full miss rule will be played.

There will be no aggregate scores counted, for example if a team wins 3-2, the winning team will get an extra point in the league table.

Payment must also be made by this date

I would like to add that players should play in smart casual dress, no jeans or trainers.

No refund will be given if you pay and then say you wish to pull out of the tournament.

The competition will be restricted to 16 entries due to use having 8 snooker tables on the Saturday, we will have 16 tables on the Sunday, but there will be a reserve list for teams who wish to enter.

Once the match score has reached first to three in the quarters and semi finals, any remaining game will not be counted towards the Best Player Rankings

If any team does not return on the Sunday to continue playing in the competition, they will not be invited to take part in the tournament again.