Tavistock Social Club Snooker League -
Administrator - Neil Folley | neilfolley@btinternet.com | 01822 617173
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All players must be eligible to represent their club and registered with the league. The registration sec must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any new players to be registered.

All players must conform to the rules and regulations, dress restrictions etc of each of the respective clubs. (Note: No vests, no caps, smart jeans only. WDC No football shirts, no shorts, mobile phones to be switched off)

Each Team will consist of 5 players (Squad no limit)

Each Team must pay a registration fee of £25 (Cash) to the Treasurer prior to the first game of the season

A player is only eligible to play for one team during a season. Failure will lead to forfeiture of their frames and the points being awarded to the opposing team.

Matches to be started by 7.30pm

At the match opponents are to be decided by a draw. Matches to be played as drawn, except by mutual agreement by both captains. All players to be in the club by 8.30pm unless an extensions is agreed with the opposing captain, no substitutions allowed after this time unless agreed by the opposing captain.

If a team plays with less than five players the opposing team can decide which of his players will stand down and be awarded the ‘walk over’ points.

Matches to be played on Thursdays as per the fixtures with no rearrangements allowed, any team not fulfilling its fixture will result in the other team being awarded 5 points.

Each game will consist of one frame between each drawn opponent in accordance with the rules of the Amateur Billiards & Snooker Association. Each frame won will constitute one point.

The referee and scorer will be supplied by the home team and can be a playing or non-playing member of the team or club.

Score Cards should be delivered to the Con Club (Post Box) by the end of next day at the latest but preferably the same evening.

There will be no Committee as such but in the event of a complaint or any infringement of the rules a meeting of all teams captains will be called in order to decide what action to take. Their decision will be by a simple majority and will be binding.