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Stourbridge & District Snooker League Report 9-10 October 2019

Premier Division results:
Amblecote Inst A 4 (A.Sidaway, R.Clark, Dave Oakes, R.Wooldridge 62) Brandhall Labour 1 (W.Robbins)
Pockets SC A 0 Norton Social A 5 (R.Pitt, S.Thomas 37, S.Mason 42, A.Davies, A.Aston)
West Mids Police 1 (P.Gibbons 37) Baggeridge Social A 4 (Darren Oakes, M.Catalano, J.Donoghue, E.Bastable 35)
Townsend Social 1 (D.Thompson) Hotshots SC B 4 (D.Hartley, M.Kelly, C.Nicholls, D.Konior)
Hotshots SC A 5 (N.Beckley C.Downing 66, R.Stokes B.Sembi 78, M.Sutton 52) Kingswinford Cons C 0
Bearwood Cons bye

First Division results:
Baggeridge Social B 3 (M.Collingridge, M.Whale, F.Bennett) S/b Old Edwardians A 2 (C.Cowley, P.Garbett)
Norton Social B 4 (P.Bowen 36, L.Grosvenor, C.Webb, T.Brown) Kinver Const C 1 (G.Reece)
Kinver Const A 1 (J.Woodhouse) Pockets SC B 4 (J.Shuck, D.Timmington, G.Ward, A.Turner)
Amblecote Inst B 2 (A.Moore, M.Colbourne) Amblecote Inst C 3 (Colin Homer, A.Jeffries, R.McManus)
Kingswinford Cons A 1 (J.Cowan) Dudley Ex-Servicemen 4 (R.Thompson, S.Parsons, T.Pearsall, S.Childs)
Amblecote Inst D 1 (Jade Taylor 34) Moor Pool & Snooker 4 (S.Dingley, W.Knight, N.Saunders, I.Priest 52)
Kinver Const B 2 (N.Jennings, C.Randle) Bahia’s SC A 3 (J.Macdivitt, K.Weaver, M.Jeffries)

Second Division results:
Wombourne 2 (C.Pirnie, D.Flavell) Kinver Const D 3 (J.Cumiskey, D.Barker, M.Hines)
Bahia’s SC B 4 (G.Skinner, P.Jukes, B.Jones, A.Martin) Amblecote RBL A 1 (Bill Green)
S/b Old Edwardians B 4 (Steve Ball, J.Chager, B.Ball, J.Ball 30) Amblecote Inst E 1 (S.Mattocks)
Stourbridge Inst B 1 (C.Green) Stourbridge Inst D 4 (T.Game, Dom & Dino Bacciocchi, P.Robinson)
Amblecote RBL B 2 (R.Conway, S.Bull) Kingswinford SC 3 (S.Ballinger, J.Westwood, J.Salisbury)

Premier Division report: There were a number of top perfomances but two in particular stood out: Norton Social A visited Pockets SC A, and took all five frames, while Hotshots SC B came away from current champions Townsend Social with a 4-1 victory.
Rob Pitt, Simon Thomas & Steve Mason were all on top form to put Norton 3-0 ahead, and then Tony Davies beat former team-mate Andy Smith, before Ashley Aston completed a remarkable result on the tables of Pockets who finished a close third last season.
Meanwhile, Townsend Social lost the first four frames at home to Hotshots B, Dan Hartley, Mark Kelly, Craig Nicholls and Dawid Konior all winning with something to spare, before Dave Thompson pulled a frame back for the defending champions.
Baggeridge Social A top the table, however, retaining their unbeaten record with a 4-1 result away to West Midlands Police. Pete Gibbons gave the hosts a good start to foil Dave Hall’s recovery, but Darren Oakes, Maria Catalano, with a timely clearance, and Justin Donoghue put Baggeridge 3-1 ahead. Gavin Sloan’s 50 break gave the Police the advantage in the final frame until Eliott Bastable potted a fine last red and cleared with 35, to make it 4-1, to maintain a 3 point lead at the top.
Amblecote Institute A are one of three teams tying for 2nd place, having beaten Brandhall Labour 4-1 at home; Rick Wooldridge ended Rob Howen’s winning run with a break of 62. Wayne Robbins secured the visitors only frame beating Mark Ganderton, despite the latter’s 37 break.
Finally, the 2018 champions, Hotshots SC A were in great form at home to newly-promoted Kingswinford Cons C, taking all five frames with Callum Downing making a break of 66, Bal Sembi a 78, and Mark Sutton a 52. Along with Amblecote & Norton, Hotshots share 2nd place after 4 matches.

First Division report: Bahia’s SC A won a closely-contested match away to Kinver Constitutional B to move two points clear at the top of the First Division. Jordan Macdivitt, Karl Weaver and Mark Jeffries, in the decider against Arnie Tromans, secured a 3-2 win, with Norman Jennings and Chris Randle, who ended Reece Bahia’s unbeaten run, replying for Kinver.
Kinver’s C team lost for the first time on the tables of Norton Social B, although Gregg Reece, who beat his former team-mate Andrew Brown for the visitors’ frame, is still undefeated with 5/5 wins. Paul Bowen, Luke Grosvenor, Carl Webb and Tony Brown were able to lift Norton into second place two points ahead of a cluster of teams in third place. Indeed, in this competitive division there are only eight points between the top 12 teams.
Pockets SC B enjoyed their best result so far with a 4-1 win away to Kinver’s A team thanks to Jamie Shuck, Gareth Ward, Alan Turner and Dave Timmington, who ended Graham Tranter’s unbeaten start but the best frame of the evening saw Kinver’s Jim Woodhouse lose the tip off his cue, then borrow a colleague’s cue to clear the last three balls against Gavin Evans.
Dudley Ex-Servicemen joined Pockets and Kinver C in a share of third place with a very good result, 4-1 away to Kingswinford Cons A. Rob Thompson, Stuart Parsons, Tom Pearsall and Steve Childs, who was taken to the black by John Rees, won for Dudley after John Cowan’s good start for Cons.
In a rare start, Jade Taylor made a break of 34 to give Amblecote Institute D the advantage at home to Moor Pool & Snooker, but the visitors took the match 4-1 with Simon Dingley in top form while Ian Priest set a new high-break target with a fine 52.
Amblecote’s C team were able to celebrate their first win thanks to Colin Homer, Alan Jeffries, who did well to beat Mick Cook, and Roger McManus who combined to defeat their B team 3-2, while Old Edwardians A went down 3-2 at Baggeridge Social B despite being given a perfect start by Chris Cowley and Paul Garbett. Martin Collingridge and Matt Whale, with a black ball finish against Harry Hall, levelled the scores, and Baggeridge won by default as Old Eds were a player short.

Second Division report: Kingswinford Snooker Centre acquired outright leadership of the Second Division with a 3-2 win away to one of their closest rivals, Amblecote RBL B. In a clash between two unbeaten players, KSC’s Steve Ballinger beat Bill Crowther on the black, and Jamie Westwood and John Salisbury completed the win, the fifth in five matches, the team’s best ever start to a season.
They have a three point lead as only Billy Green could win for Amblecote RBL A away to Bahia’s SC B; Gary Skinner, Pete Jukes, Ben Jones and Andy Martin clinched a 4-1 victory for Bahia’s, a great result which lifted them from the foot of the table.
Old Edwardians B beat Amblecote Institute E 4-1 at home to take a share of second place, with Jat Chager helping Steve, Brett and Jack Ball to secure the result before Sam Mattocks made a winning debut for the visitors, who have slipped to the foot of the table after a bright start.
John Cumiskey made a successful return to Wombourne to help his new team, Kinver D, to a 3-2 win, handing Jon Perry his first defeat. Dan Barker and Marcus Hines made sure of the result, before Colin Pirnie and Dave Flavell ensured that Wombourne stayed within four points of the leaders.
Finally, Stourbridge Institute D were able to celebrate their first win, perhaps all the better for being at the expense of their own B team. Tom Game’s black ball success handed Harry Jones his first defeat, and Dominic and Dino Bacciocchi and Paul Robinson made it 4-0 before Carl Green at least preserved his own 100% record for the B team’s consolation.

Stourbridge & District Snooker League Report 2-3 October 2019

Premier Division results:
Baggeridge Social A 4 (D.Hall, M.Catalano, E.Bastable, J.Donoghue 33) Townsend Social 1 (D.Payne)
Brandhall Labour 4 (W.Robbins, A.Round, R.Howen, J.Bate) West Midlands Police 1 (K.Franklin)
Kingswinford Cons C 1 (A.Coley) Pockets SC A 4 (J.Betton, R & T.Pepperall, A.Smith 77)
Bearwood Cons 0 Hotshots SC A 5 (N.Beckley 47, C.Downing, R.Stokes, B.Sembi, M.Sutton)
Norton Social A v Amblecote Inst A postponed
Hotshots SC B bye

First Division results:
Dudley Ex-Servicemen 3 (J.Bond, T.Pearsall, M.Short) Kinver Const B 2 (A.Tromans, M.Dowler)
Amblecote Inst C 2 (Colin Homer, M.Skidmore) Kinver Const A 3 (G.Tranter, P.Churchman, D.Banks)
S/b Old Edwardians A 2 (C.Cowley, P.Garbett 33) Amblecote Inst D 3 (R.Brookes C.Butcher A.Kensett)
Kinver Const C 3 (A.Sprague 35, G.Reece, T.Postings) Amblecote Inst B 2 (M.Cook, M.Colbourne)
Pockets SC B 3 (G.Evans, J.Shuck, A.Kidd) Kingswinford Cons A 2 (J.Cowan, J.Rees)
Bahia’s SC A 4 (R & R.Bahia, K.Weaver, J.Macdivitt) Baggeridge Social B 1 (A.Baker)
Moor Pool & Snooker 3 (N.Gennard, S.Dingley, I.Priest) Norton Social B (T.Brown, C.Webb)
Amblecote Inst B 4 (M.Cook, A.Moore, S.Harrison, M.Colbourne 47) Amblecote Inst D 1 (C.Butcher)

Second Division results:
Amblecote RBL A 3 (Billy Green, P.Botfield, S.Norton) Stourbridge Inst B 2 (H.Jones, C.Green)
Kinver Const D 4 (M.Hines, D.Barker, J.Smith, A.Stanley) Bahia’s SC B 1 (A.Martin)
Amblecote Inst E 0 Wombourne 5 (J.Perry, C.Pirnie, D.Flavell, R.Mason, P.Tristram)
Kingswinford SC 3 (J.Salisbury, J.Westwood, S.Ballinger) S/b Old Edwardians B 2 (Sam Ball, B.Ball)
Stourbridge Inst D 2 (T.Game, R.Peplow) Amblecote RBL B 3 (R.Conway, W.Crowther, A.Bull)

Premier Division report: Last season’s runners up, Baggeridge Social A, eased to the top of the Premier Division with a 4-1 win at home against the reigning champions, Townsend Social. David Hall, Maria Catalano & Eliott Bastable took the first three frames before travelling on to help their club win a West Midlands league match at Wednesfield Cons. Justin Donoghue made it 4-0 before Darrell Payne’s black ball success against Darren Oakes ensured the visitors returned with a point.
Brandhall Labour’s good start continued with a 4-1 win at home to West Midlands Police, thanks to Wayne Robbins, Andy Round, Jon Bate and Rob Howen, the only player in the division with 4 wins out of 4, and they are a point adrift of the leaders having played one more match.
Pockets SC A, a close third last campaign, won 4-1 on the tables of last year’s First Division champs, Kingswinford Cons C. Adam Coley gave Cons a good start but John Betton, Rich & Tom Pepperall, and Andy Smith, who had a 77 break on his return to the team, took the match for Pockets.
The other promoted team, Bearwood Cons lost all five frames in their home match against the 2017-18 winners, Hotshots SC A: Neil Beckley, with a 47 break, Callum Downing, Roy Stokes, Bal Sembi & Mark Sutton all scored heavily.

First Division report: By virtue of a 4-1 success at home to neighbours, Baggeridge Social B, Bahia’s SC A edged to the top of the First Division by a single point. Alistair Baker beat Mark Jeffries to give the visitors a great start but Ranjit Bahia, Karl Weaver, Jordan Macdivitt and Reece Bahia, one of only four players yet to taste defeat, swept Bahia’s to the top of the league.
The other unbeaten players all represent Kinver Constitutional Club: Gregg Reece helped their 2nd-placed C team to a 3-2 win at home to Amblecote Institute B, preserving their undefeated start while Graham Tranter led the A team to a 3-2 win away to Amblecote Institute C, despite the prolific Jim Woodhouse losing only his 3rd frame since joining the team over a year ago, beaten on the black by Mitch Skidmore. The A team now share 3rd place with their B team, three points off the top, after the latter’s 3-2 defeat away to Dudley Ex-Servicemen.
Mark Dowler, who beat Rob Thompson on the black to extend his unbeaten run, and Arnie Tromans won for the B team but Jack Bond, Tom Pearsall & Matt Short secured the match for Dudley.
Amblecote Institute B won 4-1 in a rearranged match against their D team, with Mark Colbourne setting a new high break target of 47, but then the D team opened their account for the season, surprising Old Edwardians A 3-2 away from home, with Rich Brookes, Carl Butcher and Adam Kensett just doing enough in a closely-fought match.
In another tight affair Neil Gennard and Simon Dingley gave Moor Pool & Snooker a 2-0 lead at home to Norton Social B but Tony Brown and Carl Webb levelled for the visitors before Ian Priest ran away with the decider for the host club.
Gavin Evans and Jamie Shuck, who had to withstand a good recovery by Tim Carter, put Pockets SC B 2-0 ahead at home to Kingswinford Cons A. Tony Kidd then had to take the pink to foil Simon Spittle’s comeback to secure the match for Pockets, with John Cowan and John Rees replying for some deserved consolation points for the visitors.

Second Division report: Only 4 points separate the top six teams in the Second Division, although the two unbeaten sides lead the way but both were very hard-pressed to win. Amblecote RBL A just edged past Stourbridge Institute B 3-2 thanks to Paul Botfield, Steve Norton and Billy Green, joint-winner of the “most wins” last season, and now one of eight players to have a perfect 4/4 start.Harry Jones and Carl Green maintained their 100% records for the visitors.
Kingswinford Snooker Centre went 2-0 down at home to Brett and Sam Ball of Old Edwardians B but came back strongly through John Salisbury, Jamie Westwood & Steve Ballinger, another yet to lose, to take the match 3-2 and they share top spot with the Legion.
Wombourne really hit form with all five frames on the tables of Amblecote Institute E to lift themselves into 3rd place. Dave Flavell and Jon Perry continued their impressive starts to help their team climb to within two points of the lead, a point clear of Amblecote RBL B, who had to settle for a 3-2 win on the tables of Stourbridge Institute D.
Bill Crowther, also 4/4, Richard Conway and Alex Bull won for the Legion, as the Institute still chase their first victory. Kinver Constitutional D, on the other hand, were able to celebrate their first success, a 4-1 home win at the expense of Bahia’s SC B. Marcus Hines, Dan Barker, Joe Smith and Ash Stanley took their first 4 frames before John Cumiskey was outpointed by Andy Martin.

Stourbridge & District Snooker League Report 25-26 September 2019

Premier Division results:
Pockets SC A 5 (G.Smith, W.Dobson, R & T.Pepperall, J.Betton) Bearwood Cons 0
Townsend Social 2 (P & D.Thompson) Brandhall Labour 3 (W.Robbins 53, P.Caldeira 41, R.Howen)
Hotshots SC B 1 (C.Nicholls) Baggeridge Soc A (J.Donoghue, E.Bastable 78, R.Haney, Darren Oakes)
Amblecote Inst A 4 (A.Sidaway 80, R.Clark 48, David Oakes, R.Wooldridge 41) Kingswinford Cons C 1 (B.Guise)
West Midlands Police 2 (P.Gibbons, K.Franklin 47) Norton Social A 3 (S.Thomas, S.Mason 44, A.Aston)
Hotshots SC A bye

First Division results:
Bahia’s SC A 2 (M.Jeffries, R.Bahia) Dudley Ex-Servicemen 3 (R.Thompson, J.Bond, S.Childs)
Norton Social B 2 (P.Bowen 40, L.Grosvenor) S/b Old Edwardians A 3 (C.Cowley, D.Woodall, G.Dunn)
Amblecote Inst B 4 (C.Tromans, M.Cook, A.Moore, S.Harrison) Moor Pool & Snooker 1 (I.Priest)
Kinver Const A 2 (J.Woodhouse, G.Tranter) Kinver Const C 3 (A.Sprague, S.Nicholls, G.Reece)
Baggeridge Soc B 3 (M.Collingridge M.Whale F.Bennett) Amblecote Inst D (A.Butcher, C.Butcher 35, 27)
Kingswinford Cons A 4 (T.Male, J.Rees, S.Spittle, T.Carter) Amblecote Inst C 1 (R.McManus)
Kinver Const B 3 (S.Hadley, C.Randle, M.Dowler 30, 26) Pockets SC B 2 (A.Kidd, J.Shuck)

Second Division results:
Wombourne 4 (C.Pirnie, J.Perry, R.Mason, D.Flavell) Bahia’s SC B 1 (M.Reece)
Amblecote Inst E 1 (S.Baggott) Kingswinford SC 4 (S.Ballinger, P.Curry, R.Loftus, M.Surmacz)
S/b Old Edwardians B 4 (S.Barclay 23,25, Steve Ball, B.Ball, Sam Ball) Stourbridge Inst D 1 (P.Robinson)
Amblecote RBL B 1 (W.Crowther) Amblecote RBL A 4 (Bill Green, S.Norton, P.Botfield, R.Boylin)
Stourbridge Inst B 4 (H.Jones, M.Daniels, K.Hulme, C.Green) Kinver Const D 1 (A.Stanley)

Premier Division report: Amblecote Institute A top the table after just three weeks of the season, courtesy of a 4-1 victory at home to Kingswinford Cons C. Ashley Sidaway struck a break of 80, the best so far, and Rob Clark, with a 48, Rick Wooldridge 41 & Dave Oakes completed the result. The Cons, still seeking their first win, will be encouraged by Bob Guise’s success against Mark Ganderton.
West Midlands Police and Norton Social A are just a point adrift following their clash which Norton won 3-2: Simon Thomas, who nipped in with the last two balls after Gavin Sloan had looked set to win the opener, Steve Mason, with a run of 44, and Ashley Aston took the match for the visitors, with Pete Gibbons, who cleared the last four balls and Kev Franklin, clearing with 47 to beat Andy Smith earning some consolation for the Police.
Last season’s champions, Townsend Social were surprised 3-2 at home to Brandhall Labour for whom Wayne Robbins, with a 53 break, Paul Caldeira, with 41, and Rob Howen, who edged past Darrell Payne in the decider, took the honours, but there were very good results for the teams who tried to chase down Townsend in the last campaign.
Baggeridge Social came away from Hotshots SC B with a 4-1 win, the highlight being a break of 78 by Eliott Bastable after Craig Nicholls had taken the opening frame for the hosts. Rich Haney won on his debut but Justin Donoghue and Darren Oakes were taken to the black by Mark Kelly & Dan Hartley respectively. Pockets SC A took all five frames at home to Bearwood Cons, with a particularly solid performance by Gary Smith, who defeated Joe Anderson, standing in for the incapacitated John Chester.

First Division report: Three weeks into the season sees four teams sharing top spot, but only one of them, Kinver Constitutional C, can boast an unbeaten record. This follows their 3-2 win against their A team, Adam Sprague, Steve Nicholls and Gregg Reece, who just did enough in the decider against Keith Rollinson, steering them to victory.
Two of the other leaders, Norton Social B and Bahia’s SC A suffered their first defeats, both on their own tables. Chris Cowley, Dave Woodall & Gavin Dunn won three closely-contested frames to give Old Edwardians A a 3-2 result at Norton, and Bahia’s went down by the same scoreline as Jack Bond, Rob Thompson and Steve Childs combined to give Dudley Ex-Servicemen their first success.
Kinver’s B team joined their club colleagues at the top with a 3-2 home win against Pockets SC B. Steve Hadley, thwarting a good recovery from Gavin Evans, Chris Randle and Mark Dowler, who followed his break of 30 with a clearance of 26 in the decider against Gareth Ward, all played particularly well.
Amblecote Institute D took the first two frames at Baggeridge Social B through Adrian Butcher and Carl Butcher, who had visits of 35 and 27, but Martin Collingridge, Matt Whale & Frankie Bennett, on the final black, turned the match around. Amblecote’s C team secured their first frame, via Roger McManus, on the tables of Kingswinford Cons A, but the home team took the match 4-1, with Thomas Male still unbeaten, and they are just a point behind the top four teams.
Amblecote’s B team won their first match; Cyril Tromans, Mick Cook, Alan Moore & Sam Harrison opened up a 4-0 lead at home to Moor Pool & Snooker before Ian Priest hit back for the visitors.

Second Division report: Something had to give when two of the three hitherto undefeated teams clashed, and Amblecote RBL A came out on top, beating their B team 4-1. In a series of closely-fought frames, Billy Green, Steve Norton, Paul Botfield and Rob Boylin preserved the A team’s fine start and they now share first place with Kingswinford Snooker Centre, who won 4-1 away to Amblecote Institute E.
Again the frame scores were very tight, but after Shaun Baggott took the opening frame for the hosts, Steve Ballinger, Paul Curry, Richard Loftus and Matt Surmacz secured the match for K’ford SC.
Stewart Barclay, with visits of 23 and 25, made a successful debut for Old Edwardians B at home to Stourbridge Institute D and the Ball trio of Steve, Sam and Brett went on to take the match 4-1, to leave themselves two points off the pace.
Old Eds are level with the Institute’s B team who beat Kinver D 4-1. The vastly-experienced Harry Jones and Carl Green won yet again, and they were joined by Mark Daniels and Kevin Hulme, who, by contrast, won for the first time in just his third league match. Likewise, Kinver’s consolation was achieved by Ash Stanley, his first win at the third attempt.
Wombourne’s Colin Pirnie, making a return to league snooker, won his first frame for the team, who went on to defeat Bahia’s SC B 4-1, their first win after two narrow defeats. Both Jon Perry and Dave Flavell, taken to the black by Andy Martin, remained unbeaten, as did Bahia’s Mark Reece, who has enjoyed a fine start to the season.

Stourbridge & District Snooker League Report 18-19 September 2019

Premier Division results:
Brandhall Labour 3 (P.Caldeira, W.Robbins, R.Howen) Hotshots SC B 2 (M.Kelly, D.Hartley 50)
Hotshots SC A 3 (R.Stokes, B.Sembi 56, M.Sutton 47) Pockets SC A 2 (G.Smith, T.Pepperall)
Bearwood Cons 3 (G.Ford, M.Cash, A.Sohanpal) Amblecote Inst A 2 (R.Clark, R.Wooldridge)
Norton Social A 4 (S.Mason, R.Pitt, A.Aston, A.Smith) Townsend Social 1 (P.Thompson)
Kingswinford Cons C 1 (W.Whitmore) West Mids Police 4 (G.Sloan, M.Sheehan, P.Gibbons K.Franklin)
Baggeridge Social A bye

First Division results:
Amblecote Inst C 0 Kinver Const B 5 (S.Hadley, T.Tromans, A.Tromans, C.Randle, M.Dowler)
Moor Pool & Snooker 3 (N.Gennard, S.Dingley 44, W.Knight) Kinver Const A 2 (G.Tranter, J.Woodhouse)
S/b Old Edwardians A 4 (D.Woodall, G.Dunn, C.Cowley, P.Garbett 34) Amblecote Inst B 1 (A.Moore)
Pockets SC B 2 (G.Evans, J.Shuck) Bahia’s SC A 3 (J.Macdivitt, M.Jeffries, Reece Bahia)
Kinver Const C 3 (S.Nicholls, T.Postings, G.Reece) Kingswinford Cons A 2 (T.Male, T.Carter 34)
Baggeridge Social B 3 (L.Whale, A.Baker, T.Cox) Dudley ex-Servicemen 2 (R.Thompson, S.Childs)
Amblecote Inst D 1 (Jordan Taylor) Norton Social B 4 (P.Bowen, C.Webb, L.Grosvenor, T.Brown)

Second Division results:
Bahia’s SC B 3 (M.Reece, G.Skinner, P.Craig) Stourbridge Inst B 2 (H.Jones, C.Green)
Wombourne 2 (J.Perry, D.Flavell) Kingswinford SC 3 (R.Loftus, S.Ballinger, J.Salisbury)
Amblecote RBL A 3 (Bill Green, S.Norton, R,Boylin) S/b Old Edwardians B 2 (J.Ball, J.Chager)
Kinver Const D 2 (D.Barker, M.Hines) Amblecote RBL B 3 (W.Crowther, A.Bull, G.Chater)
Stourbridge Inst D 1 (Dom Bacciocchi) Amblecote Inst E 4 (C.Homer, L.Edwards, L.Hackett, A.Homer)

Premier Division report: Just two weeks into the season only one team, West Midlands Police, has managed to break the sequence of home wins, with a 4-1 success on the tables of newly-promoted Kingswinford Cons C, so they lead the table at this very early stage.
The other promoted team, Bearwood Cons, who had lost narrowly to the Police the previous week, did well to defeat Amblecote Institute A 3-2, thanks to Gary Ford, who won on the black against Ash Sidaway, Mick Cash & Avtar Sohanpal.
Only Phil Thompson, who beat Simon Thomas, could win for reigning champions, Townsend Social on their visit to play the strengthened Norton Social A team for whom Steve Mason, Rob Pitt, Ashley Aston & Andy Smith won four closely-contested frames.
Hotshots SC A, the 2017-18 champions, recovered from their opening day defeat at Amblecote Institute to beat Pockets A 3-2, thanks to Roy Stokes, Bal Sembi, with a break of 56, and Mark Sutton, who had a run of 47. Gary Smith and Tom Pepperall won for the visitors.
Hotshots SC B, who had surprised Norton the week before, lost 3-2 at Brandhall Labour, despite another black ball success for Mark Kelly and a 50 break by Dan Hartley; Paul Caldeira, Wayne Robbins and Rob Howen secured the first win for Brandhall.

First Division report: Only three teams have won their first two matches: Bahia’s SC A, Norton B and Kinver Constitutional C lead the way in what appears to be a very competitive division.
Bahia’s came away from Pockets SC B with a 3-2 win, both Jordan Macdivitt & Mark Jeffries coming back well from some way adrift before Reece Bahia took the decider, while Norton won 4-1 away to Amblecote Inst D, last season’s Second Division champions. Carl Webb and Tony Brown edged the tighter frames for the visitors but Jordan Taylor cleared the last 4 balls against Andrew Brown to earn some consolation for the Institute.
Kinver C went 2-0 down at home to Kingswinford Cons A but stormed back to win thanks to Steve Nicholls, Tom Postings and Gregg Reece. Earlier Tim Carter, with a break of 34 to beat the prolific Adam Sprague, and Thomas Male had given Cons a great start.
There were contrasting fortunes for the other Kinver teams: the A team lost 3-2 at Moor Pool and Snooker, who were indebted to Simon Dingley, with a break of 44, Neil Gennard and Warren Knight, the inaugural Singles Handicap champion ten years ago, who was making his debut for the team. The B team, however, took all five frames away to Amblecote Inst C which included a black ball win for their most willing reserve, Ted Tromans. All three Kinver teams look set to compete very effectively.
Baggeridge Social B enjoyed their first win at home to Dudley Ex-Servicemen. Luke Whale, Alistair Baker and Trevor Cox, making his debut, won before Rob Thompson & Steve Childs fought back for the visitors in a match completed in fine spirit in little more than an hour.
Stourbridge Old Edwardians A bounced back from a 5-0 defeat away to Kinver A to defeat Amblecote Inst B 4-1. Dave Woodall, Gavin Dunn, Chris Cowley & Paul Garbett, with a break of 34 all won, with Alan Moore replying but, just like at Kinver the previous week, the frames were closely-contested.

Second Division report: Again, just three teams have won their first two matches: the two Amblecote British Legion sides and Kingswinford Snooker Centre. The Legion B team came through a tight match away to Kinver D, winning 3-2 thanks to Bill Crowther, Alex Bull & Gary Chater while Marcus Hines and Dan Barker, who cleared the last five balls to beat Steve Bull, won for Kinver.
Billy Green, Steve Norton & Rob Boylin were on the mark for the Legion’s A team who defeated Old Edwardians B 3-2, and, together with Kingswinford SC, 3-2 winners at Wombourne, they trail the B team by a single point. Richard Loftus, in his first appearance for KSC, Steve Ballinger and John Salisbury won for the visitors, with Jon Perry & Dave Flavell replying for Wombourne.
The newly-formed Amblecote Institute E team won their first match, a good all-round performance to ease past Stourbridge Institute D 4-1 away from home. Cary Homer, Lee Edwards, Lewis Hackett and Audie Homer combined to good effect, with Dominic Bacciocchi taking a frame for the hosts.
Bahia’s SC B also won their first match with Mark Reece, Gary Skinner and Paul Craig making home advantage count against Stourbridge Institute B. Harry Jones and Carl Green, both well into the veteran stage, but no less effective, ensured that the Institute took something from the match.

Charlie Cowley Charity Day Saturday at Stourbridge Football Club Sunday 29th September 2019
The posters distributed by Old Edwardians at the league meeting 3rd September did not show the link should anyone wish to make a donation to this worthy cause. This is as follows:

Stourbridge & District Snooker League Report 11-12 September 2019

Premier Division results:
Amblecote Inst A 4 (A.Watts, A.Sidaway, D.Oakes, R.Wooldridge 37) Hotshots SC A 1 (B.Sembi)
Baggeridge Social A 4 (E.Bastable 36, D.Hall, M.Catalano 45, J.Donoghue 39) Brandhall Labour 1 (R.Howen 36)
Townsend Social 5 (K.Ashmore, D.Thompson, D.Petch, J.Spence, P.Thompson) Kingswinford Cons C 0
Hotshots SC B 3 (M.Kelly, D.Konior, D.Hartley) Norton Social A 2 (S.Thomas 69, A.Aston)
West Midlands Police 3 (C.Millward, C.Southwick, G.Sloan) Bearwood Cons 2 (J.Anderson, P.Montague)
Pockets SC A bye

First Division results:
Norton Social B 4 (L.Grosvenor, A.Brown, C.Webb, T.Brown) Baggeridge Social B 1 (F.Bennett)
Bahia’s SC A 5 (R & R.Bahia, K.Weaver, M.Jeffries, J.Macdivitt) Amblecote Inst C 0
Pockets SC B 3 (S.Preece, A.Turner, A.Kidd) Dudley ex-Servicemen 2 (S.Parsons, S.Childs)
Kinver Const A 5 (J.Woodhouse P.Churchman G.Tranter D.Banks K.Rollinson) S/b Old Edwardians A 0
Kinver Const B 2 (A.Tromans, M.Dowler) Kinver Const C 3 (G.Reece, A.Sprague, T.Postings 38)
Kingswinford Cons A 3 (T.Male, S.Spittle, J.Rees) Moor Pool & Snooker 2 (S.Dingley 31, I.Priest 35)
Amblecote Inst B v Amblecote Inst D postponed

Second Division results:
S/b Old Edwardians B 3 (Steve & Sam Ball, J.Ball) Kinver Const D 2 (M.Hines, D.Barker)
Amblecote RBL B 4 (S.Bull, W.Crowther, M.Lees, A.Bull) Bahia’s SC B 1 (M.Reece)
Kingswinford SC 3 (S.Ballinger, J.Salisbury 38, J.Westwood) Stourbridge Inst D 2 (Dom Bacciocchi, P.Robinson)
Stourbridge Inst B 3 (H.Jones, M.Daniels, C.Green) Wombourne 2 (J.Perry, D.Flavell 31)
Amblecote Inst E 2 (C.Homer, A.Homer) Amblecote RBL A 3 (Bill & Ben Green, S.Norton)

Premier Division report: Bidding to defend their first title success, Townsend Social entertained last season’s First Division champions, Kingswinford Cons C, and although the visitors competed well, Townsend took all five frames for the best possible start to this year’s campaign.
Baggeridge Social A, runners up in their first season, took the first four frames at home to Brandhall Labour, with Maria Catalano making a break of 45, before Rob Howen took a consolation point for the visitors, and Amblecote Institute A began the season well by defeating the 2017-18 champions, Hotshots SC A 4-1, with a black ball success for Andy Watts on his debut for the team.
Also, despite being taken to the final black, both Joe Anderson and Pete Montague gave promoted Bearwood Cons a great start away to West Midlands Police, but the home team countered through Colin Millward and Carl Southwick before Gavin Sloan completed the recovery.
Norton Social A look sure to have a good season and, in his first match for the team away to Hotshots SC B, Simon Thomas struck a break of 69, failing on a black with three reds remaining, but the home team prevailed 3-2 thanks to Mark Kelly, on his debut, who withstood a comeback from the individual champion Andy Smith to take the frame on the black, Dawid Konior and Dan Hartley.

First Division report: Two of the more likely championship contenders, with home advantage, began with 5-0 victories: Bahia’s SC A defeated newly-promoted Amblecote Institute D although their leading player Mark Jeffries was given a good game by his namesake, Alan, and Kinver Constitutional A took all five frames against Old Edwardians A, who competed well despite the scoreline.
Norton Social B secured the first four frames at home to Baggeridge Social B, with Andrew Brown doing well to beat Luke Whale, but Frankie Bennett salvaged a point for the visitors but the other three matches in this division were much more closely-fought.
Kinver’s C team just edged past their B team 3-2, thanks to another debutant, Gregg Reece, Adam Sprague and Tom Postings, who made a break of 38 in just his second season with the team. Arnie Tromans and Mark Dowler won for their opponents.
Moor Pool and Snooker just missed out on promotion last season and although Simon Dingley and Ian Priest had 30 plus breaks on the tables of Kingswinford Cons A, the home team took the match 3-2 with Thomas Male, Simon Spittle and John Rees in good form.
Dudley Ex-Servicemen, the latest club to join the league, lost their opening match 3-2 away to Pockets SC B. Stuart Parsons and Steve Childs, who played particularly well, won for Dudley but Simon Preece, Alan Turner and Tony Kidd just edged the match for Pockets.
Second Division report: There was very little to choose between the teams in a very tight opening week of fixtures, with only one team, Amblecote RBL B registering a 4-1 result. Bill Crowther, making a welcome return to the league, Mark Lees, Steve Bull & his son, Alex won against Bahia’s SC B, for whom Mark Reece won on his first appearance for the team.
The Legion’s other team also won, shading the match 3-2 away to their neighbours, Amblecote Institute E, thanks to Billy Green, a joint winner of the “most wins” accolade last year, Ben Green and Steve Norton but there were mixed results for the two Stourbridge Institute teams.
Harry Jones, Mark Daniels and Carl Green just did enough to steer the B team to victory against Wombourne but the Institute’s D team lost away to Kingswinford Snooker Centre where John Salisbury had a break of 38 for the hosts in an otherwise tight affair. Steve Ballinger and Jamie Westwood also won for KSC with Dominic Bacciocchi and Paul Robinson, who did well to beat Paul Curry on the black, replying for the visitors.
Finally, Old Edwardians B began with a win, courtesy of the Ball family, Steve and sons Sam and Jack, who combined to defeat Kinver’s D team 3-2, and will hope to do a shade better this time around, having missed out on promotion by only three points last season.


Final - Stourbridge A 2 Kidderminster 3 at Stourbridge Institute.
The teams elected to play a single leg match in the Institute’s excellent match room, rather than competing for the Dean Powell cup over two legs. Andy Smith gave Kidderminster the lead by defeating Jamie Spence but Dan Petch made it 1-1 against Gary Smith. The next two frames were shared as Karl Ashmore beat John Betton but Dave Thompson lost to young Tom Pepperall, whose two 20+ visits gave him an unassailable lead.
In the final frame, Kidderminster’s Rich Pepperall made an early 32 break and he held off the challenge of Darryl Payne to regain the cup at the expense of the holders, Stourbridge.

Many congratulations are extended to Kidderminster and thanks were given to both teams for the spirit in which the final was played, to the referees Mark Sheehan and Kev Franklin and to Stourbridge Institute for hosting the match.

Over 40s Final first leg at Norton Social: Stourbridge B 3 Worcester 2
Darren Cutler gave the visitors the edge when he cleared the last 4 balls against Steve Mason but Andrew Brown and Simon Thomas beat Dion Whittall and Alan Hook respectively to give Stourbridge a 2-1 lead. Former Dudley Snooker Club player Gary Hill then played extremely well for Worcester, making it 2-2 against Tony Davies. In a top quality final frame Rob Pitt beat Steve Dunn to give Stourbridge the slenderest of margins in readiness for the second leg.

Over 40s Final second leg at Pershore Club: Worcester 0 Stourbridge B 5
With visits of 46, 21 and 34 Simon Thomas outpointed Darren Cutler in great style, and Steve Mason made it 2-0 against Dion Whittall with the help of a run of 36. Paul Bowen and Rob Pitt, who had a break of 42 against Gary Hill, extended the advantage to 4-0 before Andrew Brown completed a 5-0 win, taking the overall score to 8-2 over the two legs, thereby retaining the trophy won in 2018.

Congratulations are given to the winners and runners up for a final played in the very best of spirit which the original Secretary, the late John Smith, would have endorsed whole-heartedly.
The thanks of all teams taking part were also recorded for the efforts of the current Secretary, Dean Powell, whose ill-health had prevented his attendance at these finals.