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2017-2018 Season Presentation & AGM

Friday, 27 April 2018

We will be holding our League Presentation this year at 7.30pm on Friday the 25th May at the Wotton Hall Social Club.

Our Annual AGM will be held the following week at 7.30pm on Tuesday the 29th of May also at Wotton Hall.

“Rule A5: any member of the League wishing to have a motion discussed and voted on at the Annual General Meeting should set it out in writing, seconded, and delivered to the Secretary of the League at least fourteen days before the meeting. It should be noted that no motion would be heard unless the proposer and/or the seconder attends the meeting. No other business will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting

All Team Registration for the 2018 – 2019 Snooker & Billiard season must be completed and made known to me on or before 14th August. This is required to facilitate the setting up of this seasons League structure - Web sites – etc. With this year’s season due to start in early September.

There will also be a Pre-season League Meeting
(League Fees & Season Structure)
On Tuesday 28th August 7.30pm.
This will also to be held at the Wotton Hall Club

League Competition & Match Secretary
Gloucester/Shire Billiards & Snooker Leagues

Tel: 07591 977032

It is with regret that I advise the passing of Mr. Jim Kilby on 4th February 2018.
Jim was one of the stalwarts of the Gloucester Billiards & Snooker League in the eighties and attained the honour, of being our President.
Jim’s game was Billiards more so than snooker and he reigned supreme in the early to mid-eighties before retiring from competitions.
Jim played at the Walls Social Club when he moved to Gloucester from the Forest of Dean, in the late Seventies.
He moved to the Gloucester Conservative Club for the 1979/80 season where he set some memorable records.
His record stands at: OPEN Billiards Champion for 5 consecutive seasons 1980 to 85, Divisional Champion 1979 to 82 and 1983 to 85.
He also won the inaugural “Handicap” Competition introduced in the 1980 to 81 season and so became the first person to win the OPEN and HANDICAP competitions in the same season. He won it again in the 1984/85 season, to do the double for the second time.
The Gloucester Conservative Club also won the “Padmore” Shield, team competition, for four consecutive seasons from 1983 to 87.
Jim being Chairman of the Gloucester Conservative Club, helped keep the enthusiasm going on the green baize and no doubt, the upkeep when necessary.
A current, highly ranked billiard member of the GBSL advised, that he met Jim for the first time, when he moved to Gloucester in 1988 and joined the Conservative Club. It was clear that Jim was a highly respected billiards player in the Gloucestershire area. His knowledge of the game was second to none and he did his best to impart his knowledge, of his game, to others, in particular the professional aspect.
Jim’s advice, no doubt, assisted in that player’s ability today.
Jim also played for Gloucester in the Intertown League versus Stroud and Cheltenham. He was part of the 1979/80 team that brought the “Hooper” Shield back to Gloucester, having not won it since the 1967/68 season.
Jim’s achievements speak for themselves and our thanks go to Jim, for being part of the GBSL.
Our condolences go to Jim’s family. He was a true gentleman and will be sadly missed. K.W

His funeral will be held on 23 February 2018 at 1:00 at Gloucester Crematorium.

Hi all,

2018 West of England Open Billiards Championship

Just to let everyone know the above competition is again being organised this year by the West of England Billiards and Snooker Foundation.

It is being held on Saturday 3rd March at Jesters Snooker Hall, Swindon. (9.00am for 9.30am start)

• Entry fee £15
• Open to any player - WEBSF membership NOT required
• All entry fees paid out in prize money
• Round robin groups followed by KO (timed matches) and plate - subject to entry numbers
• Non-handicapped

For more details click here:

Pre-registration is required for this event

Please share the above details with any billiard players you know! To enter please contact Chris Coumbe or Steve Canniford.


Chris Coumbe

GBSL 2017-2018 Snooker Competitions:

Home Players listed below in these Competitions are in danger of forfeiting their Matches unless contact is made to me by the 11th January with their Match results.

Closing Date was 31st Dec
1st/2nd Ind/Pairs

W Hall "Warriors" Mathew Wheeldon/Darren Willis v Derek Rymer/Ken Waite R Hill

Graham Vernall Wotton Hall "Warriors" v Andy Duggan Taynton & Tibberton "Titan's"
Tony Webb (Capt) St James "Saints & Sinners" v Chris Allen Wotton Hall "Warriors"
Mathew Wheeldon Wotton Hall "Warriors" v Andrew Jackson (Rep) St James "Saints & Sinners"

Alan Bassett (Capt) Tay & Tibb "Bassett's Belters" v Stephen Cliff Top Q "Ballbreakers"
Jeff Willband Tay & Tibb Steve's Muscateers v Dave Hansell Top Q "Ballbreakers"

Closing Date 10th January
NF Open
Paul Mount Academy "Artists" v Gary Singh Academy "Allstars"
Andrew Bayliss Academy "Artists" v Mike Hodges Wotton Hall "Wanderers"
Derek Penning Top Q "Old Boys" v Andy Duggan Taynton & Tibberton "Titan's"
Frank Hill Wotton Hall "Hitmen" v Ashley Wyer Academy "Allstars"
Ben Wall Academy "Allstars" v Doug Wilson Taynton & Tibberton "Titan's"
Steve Hobson (Capt) Top Q "Ballbreakers" V Jason Pankhurst (Capt) Academy "Artists"

Premier Ind
Alan Martin Wotton Hall "Magicians" v Andrew Bayliss Academy "Artists"
John Davies Academy "Artists" v Ben Wall Academy "Allstars"

Dean Anderson Academy "Potters" v Jer Smith Wotton Hall "Hitmen"
Wayne Billingham Robinswood Hill "Foxes" v Simon Brooks Academy "Allstars"
John Turner Wotton Hall "Wanderers" v Larry Wedley Cpt Wotton Hall "Hitmen"

1st Division Individual 24/10/2017

Unfortunately there were 3 missing Players in the 1st Division Individual draw, because of this the Competition has now been redrawn. JFP

With players missing in the original County Individual draw that was sent out previously
I have now included the missing players, which has meant that a redraw was

The Intertown Web site has now been updated with the new draws, If Clubs can remove the old
paper work relating to the County Individual and replace with the new draws which I have sent out
at the weekend.

All Competitions will be drawn and published to the sites just prior to the seasons start date.

Teams/Players who have not submitted their Registration Forms or still wish to enter any our Annual Competition entries this season, will need to advise me ASAP, they have until the Season start Meeting which will be held on Tuesday 29th August at 7.30pm the Robinswood Hill Club.

The Billiard season this year will start on Monday 11th September.

The Snooker season will start 3 weeks later on Wednesday the 2nd October