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2018-2019 Season Annual Presentation & AGM

Sunday, 05 May 2019

We will be holding our Annual League / Competition Presentation Evening this year at 7.30pm on Friday the 31sth May at the South West Snooker Academy.

Our Annual AGM will be held the following week at 7.30pm on Tuesday the 4th of June also at South West Snooker Academy..

“Rule A5: any member of the League wishing to have a motion discussed and voted on at the Annual General Meeting should set it out in writing, seconded, and delivered to the Secretary of the League at least fourteen days before the meeting. It should be noted that no motion would be heard unless the proposer and/or the seconder attends the meeting. No other business will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting

All Team Registration for the 2019 – 2020 Snooker & Billiard season must be completed and made known to me on or before 31st July. This is required to facilitate the setting up of this seasons League structure - Web sites – etc.
With this year’s season due to start in early September.

There will also be a Pre-season League Meeting
(League Fees & Season Structure)
On Tuesday 27th August 7.30pm.
This will also to be held at the South West Snooker Academy

13 April 2019

SWSA “Tiny Team” Summer League

Entry limited to 12 teams on a first paid basis.
Teams of 2 players play each match. 3 Players may be signed on per team to allow for absences.
4 games of singles and 2 games of doubles per match – one point per frame.
11 weeks of play. Played on Wednesday evenings at 7pm from Wednesday 8th May 2019, concluding 24th July 2019.

Registration and payment by 28th April 2019 latest.

All matches played at SWSA. Matches may be held on any of the SWSA tables as assigned.
Highest points total wins. If tied on points the highest number of wins decides. If still level after that a play-off will occur.
Result forms will be completed for each match.

Postponed games must be approved by Andrew Norman at SWSA beforehand or will be recorded as 0-0. Tel: 07806 566185. All postponed/missed games must be rearranged and played before 24th July 2019.

The matches will be played to World Snooker rules with the exception of the miss rule which will not be enforced on full ball snookers unless obviously a deliberate foul. A miss can be called if quarter of the ball on can be seen.
Players will referee the matches themselves.

League Fees
£30.00 registration per team (Maximum 3 players registered – Only two play each match)
£7.00 match fees per person per match

The handicaps will be based on the GBSL inter divisional (cup) personal handicaps at the first match of the season with -7 for a 2-0 singles win and +7 for a 2-0 singles loss on a match by match basis. The pairs will be an average of both players handicaps, rounded up. If any handicaps are reported or found to be substantially incorrect a judgement will be made by ex-professional Andrew Norman and the handicap adjusted as he deems fit. His decision will be final.

Prize Fund
There will be cash prizes for the first four places:
1st - £400.00
2nd - £300.00
3rd - £200.00
4th - £100.00
There will also be trophies for winners and runners up.

7 March 2019

Message update from South West Snooker Academy

After a very successful week holding the WPBSA Qualifying rounds and to the refurbishment to all our tables.
We would like to thank our Members for their patience and cooperation during this week.

As of Monday the15th of March the Academy will resume normal opening times, with all our Star Tables now being refurbished with new No10 cloths to all tables beds & cushions also new sets of balls.

Thank you from all the staff at the SWA

17 February 2019

There are still many outstanding League & Competition results to be submitted.

Teams / Players :

All Outstanding Competition matches will need to be completed before the 28th of this month or risk giving Walkovers as a default to their opponents.

Notwithstanding the problems some Teams have had this season with illness, all outstanding League matches must all be completed a minimum of 5 weeks before their particular Division's actual League completion date, to comply with current GBSL Rules and to avoid Matches being declared void....

It is also the time for all last season’s holders/winners of GBSL Perpetual Trophies, to return them to me, for the preparation that is required for these Trophies for this seasons winners.

All Trophies must be returned before the 31st March

GBSL League Secretary

To all Competition entrants.

Because there are still many results still to come in this round of the
Snooker competition's.
please be advised that the closing Date for Competitions
that had a closing date of Wednesday 21st November have been extended 1 week
to Wednesday 28th of November, due to some Clubs with limited table availability.
This will be the final date for all entrants to submit their result any results outstanding after the 28th, Away players will be given walkovers unless contact has been made to me regarding any problems by the Home player.

GBSL League Secretary

15 November 2018
I have just received some very sad news that Nigel Fleckner former GBSL League Secretary passed away on Friday the 9th of November.

The only details I have a this moment in time is that his service will be held at 11.30pm on Friday the 23rd of November at Gloucester Crematorium.

I will update this notice if I receive any other information.

GBSL League Secretary

10 September 2018
GBSL Season start 2018-19
GBSL Captains/Reps
Billiard Teams your season will start on Monday 24th September, this is one week earlier than the Snooker Season that starts in the first week of October.

Both Snooker and Billiards Web sites now have all this seasons fixtures in place and the majority of this seasons Competition draws, with the Combined Individual & Billiard Individuals still to be listed (Delay due to very small entries).

Please advise your Team members who are in any Competition Preliminary Matches, especially the Nigel Fleckner open / County Individual that the closing date of 21st October will be strictly adhered to as per GBSL League Rules.

Also ask all Competition entrants in your Teams to check they are in the Competitions they entered and their contact details phone email etc.: are correct. A.s.a.p. (Before Season Start)

GBSL League Secretary